Reading and nature: a celebration of two St. Kilda loves

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By David Bulafkin

St Kilda Town Hall Gallery is hosting two prominent Port Phillip resident artists as a celebration of the discipline in oil paintings.

Where one focuses on the natural beauty that is the Wilson’s promontory, the other is a love piece to a prized social institution-libraries.

Deborah Walker’s ‘The Library’is a vivid account of the rich landscape that has been created through reading.

Walker in the exhibition visualises the significant value of libraries within the contemporary community that is underpinned by the relationship that humans have with reading.

“It looks at how reading on one hand is quiet an introspective activity but also a dramatic experience at the same time,”said Walker.

But it is the ability of a library to transcend social boundaries that really underpins her love for this communal space.

“Libraries are still a place to engage the community. I think that they have a democracy in that they allow everybody to experience it,”said Walker.

Conversely, Linda Gibb’s breathtaking exhibition the ‘Wilson Promontory Paintings’is a collection of the ever changing environment and subtle colour shifts that exist through the volatile wild weather of the natural reserve.

Gibb’s analyses and records the most minute details as well as the overall landscape to visualise the diversity of Wilson’s promontory.

“It’s pretty majestic and quite magical. I just love watching all the different weather changes. I look at the big picture as well as the smaller details in nature,”said Gibbs.

Graduating from the National Art School in 1992, it is her intimate knowledge of the area paired with her stunning technique that allows for a wonderful visualisation of one of Victoria’s hidden gems.

Challenging spacing, the Gallery’s creative team works with diptych’s which are two-panel structures that cause the images to be distinct but connected simultaneously.

Inevitably, this combined with the intricately detailed art allows for a truly sublime viewing experience.

Exhibition from 19th August-16th September at the Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall

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