Rabbit Traps: A guide to Easter mischief:

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By Chris Schliefert

It’s that time of year again… The hot cross buns have been on sale since before Christmas and the vast array of unsold Valentines chocolate has been shifted off the shelves until next year to make way for the vast array of last year’s Easter chocolates.

Okay, maybe I’m kidding about it being last year’s chocolate (but really, who can ever confirm that or not), but like it or not, Easter is once again upon us. Whether you’re religious or not, most people with children usually view this upcoming occasion with the utmost dread. I mean sure, it gives us some extra days off for a holiday, but that just makes the upcoming trials all the worse.

I am, of course, talking about the good old fashioned Easter egg hunt – The staple trial of all parents pretty much everywhere. So, myself being a participant in many Easter egg hunts throughout my life, hopefully I can give you a few pointers.

Hiding tips: I speak from experience here when I say hedges do not usually make good hiding places for things you want littlies to find. Quite sure my parents had to go find them for us that year. That said, there are good hiding places depending on whether you’re doing an inside hunt or outside hunt; Gaps between stairs, plant pots and mailboxes all make decent hiding spots. Between the spokes of car wheels is another classic spot, or even sitting them in the end of the exhaust pipe – Just make sure that you don’t forget about them and take off somewhere before the hunt, you might have unhappy kids on your hands!

Likewise, if you’re hiding them inside it’s perhaps best not to hide them inside the cupboards that you spent the last weekend meticulously cleaning and getting into order. Inside egg hunts can quickly turn the most pristine of homes into a shack looking like a bomb hit it. If placing eggs on furniture do make sure that people don’t sit on them, getting chocolate out of denim can sometimes be a bit of a pain.

Pets: Everyone knows that most cats love shiny things and that most dogs are insatiable gluttons. I’m sure there has been many an Easter hunt ruined by an inquisitive pooch gorging itself on the kid’s hard earned Easter candy, and I know from personal experience that with cats around eggs that have been so carefully placed generally do not stay that way once kitty gets its paws on them! Satiate your pet’s appetite for shiny things by distracting them with wrappers once the kids are finished with the chocolate and hopefully everyone will be happy.

Decorations can make or break the day. It doesn’t take much, appropriate some of the kid’s toy bunnies and give them a few ribbons and things. Help the kids to make a decorated Easter basket, I remember making them out of paper plates folded in half with a cardboard handle. Of course, this may only work on the little kids (you’ll probably get the standard eye roll and sigh from kids older than 10), but hey, distracting the young ones for an extra few seconds is worth it, right?

Most importantly; remember to have fun! Whether you’re religious or not, Easter still has something to offer everyone. From absurd new flavours of hot cross buns (who seriously wants to eat a sticky date and caramel hot cross bun?) to watching the children laid out on the floor in a massive pile of foil after you told them that they could have one egg, there is something for everyone at Easter.

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