R18+ Games, we say yes!

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By: Paul Webster

Its been 18 longs years since R rated video games were banned back in 1995 under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games), and its been a controversial ride to say the least, but now adult gamers are rejoicing while some parents are mortified at the fact that their kids could be exposed to such material.

This act allows R rated video games to be sold within Australia, but whether this is going to be a good thing or not still remains to be seen. We hit the streets and found out what people had to say on the issue; a Parent of two said: “I don’t like the idea of these games being sold. I don’t want my kids to be able to pick up or even see these games,” and that seemed to be the general opinion of most of the parents that we interviewed.

Additionally some of the stores we went to had a different view on the issue. A person that shall remain anonymous said: “I’m optimistic but it’s still too early to make a clear opinion on the matter. We still haven’t even been told how the items will be shelved,” and “people want to see the R rated games sold but it remains unclear if the rating will actually be for rated R games or if it’s just going to take over the MA15+ rating which will give parents an easier distinction between M and MA15+ ratings”.


Over the years many loved games have been banned and kept away from us because of the ban on this rating, and that is the reason we have fought so hard to get this lifted over the years. Some of the banned titles include but aren’t limited to:

Left for Dead 2: Refused classification due to relentlessly gory violence. An edited version that was less violent was later released and was then given an MA15+ rating.

Mortal Kombat (2011): the Australia Content Classification Regulator banned this because “The game contains violence which exceeds strong in impact and is therefore unsuitable for any persons aged under 18 to play” (hello, isn’t that why we wanted to give it an ’R’ rating, so that they are warned not to play it?).

Manhunt: this was released back on the PS2. It was banned due to high impact violence involving torture. A sequel wasn’t released due to fear it would also be banned. This is one of the games that got a lot more attention for being banned.

Postal 1 & 2: these games were banned due to revolting and excessing abhorrent content. This was by far one of the most violent games of its time; it had decapitation and allowed you to play fetch with the people’s heads. It also allowed you to set people on fire whether they be civilian or terrorist based.

GTA III – IV: there have been many GTA games (GTA 3, vice city, san andreas and GTA IV) these games were all banned due to the use of prostitutes. Censored versions were then released and given MA15+ ratings.


So as the future remains unclear for this rating, we can only hope for the best and hope that common sense prevails for anyone who buys an adult rated game and complains of any unwanted exposure to children!

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