Priceless Vitality

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By Daniel Wilson

Priceless Vitality is a website that was launched last month that seeks to help people find practitioners in health and wellbeing. It is a not-for-profit organisation founded by former Technology Engineer, Ian Peric.

St Kilda News went along to the launch and spoke to Peric about this new venture. The idea for it came about when Peric’s friend became ill and was unable to cope with the overwhelming varieties of offerings on the internet.

“A very close friend of mine passed away last year from bowel cancer. When he was sick he couldn’t find a central hub with healthcare information and services. I wanted to utilise my skills as an Engineer to build a platform where people, like my friend, could access anything from the right food, to massage therapies, to General Practitioners. I don’t want people and their health to suffer based on the cost of a service and I want to encourage those who can afford it to tip and pay more to help nourish everyone’s health,” Peric explained.

He went on to consider that, “A community will often come together when a member is sick to ensure they have access to the best treatment and services. I wanted to replicate that caring and nurturing community in an online capacity because, I would like to help everyone get access to the best care and treatment possible, regardless of their bank balance.”

At the event, there were a several practitioners to meet and engage with. Amanda Blesing was there to talk about her yoga practice. Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate McCandless spoke about fatigue. Allow Larissa was there to analyse your dreams. Kathy Ashton was at hand to answer nutritional questions. Dr Mario Alam embodied the merging of the western and eastern worlds of medicine. Musicians Mareya and Zee provided the ambiance, while Father Rabbit and Company and Love Tea served up delicious organic food and beverages.

For someone who is not very knowledgable about these types of practices, this event served as a wonderful educational experience and summarised what one can expect from the website.

Simone Moszkowicz, founder of, was an example of someone looking for just such an online resource. “My old life which was filled with energy and endless possibilities, ended when it I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I felt broken and I wasn’t able to lead my active life or even get out of bed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work and stressing about finances wasn’t helping my condition. In addition to my family and friends, I would have loved to have had the broad base of caring community and support that Priceless Vitality provides. Not just the nourishing healthy options but connecting with people who care as well. It makes me smile just thinking about it,” Moszkowicz explained.

Priceless Vitality already has 34 businesses, products and offerings from all over the world available to its members. Any businesses or persons with an offering that contributes to health and wellness can upload a special deal or a suggested price for their service, which is optionally open to negotiation.

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