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POSK (People Of St Kilda)


“After more than 20 years working in the corporate environment, a series of difficult life events – including some tragic deaths in the family and a cancer diagnosis – had me seriously questioning what I was doing on the planet. What was the meaning of my existence? What was my purpose?

This major existential crisis took me down a vastly different path, one that has led me to becoming a mindset coach and meditation teacher, predominantly working with men and guiding them towards the relearning of their own true nature and taking back their inner power.

These days, many men appear to be just going through the motions, simply seeing out their time at vastly less than their full potential. More dangerously – for fear of their ‘manhood’ being questioned – they are often not addressing how this makes them feel, instead hiding behind an elaborate armour and peering out at the world from behind cold, hard steel. Any event – a marriage breakdown, a job loss, a health scare – that pierces this exterior can cause a deep cycle of anger and frustration, often accompanied by serious depression and anxiety.

With no clear path out, the results can be catastrophic to both themselves and to those around them. It’s little wonder that men account for three out of four suicides in this country.

To address this all too common scenario, I began hosting a weekly men’s circle nearly two years ago. This brotherhood, The Warrior Within, has now grown to nearly 75 men from all ages and walks of life, right across Melbourne. Men who sit together and talk, examining where it is they hurt, finding immense courage in their vulnerability and in owning their truth.

We have begun to see fundamental shifts occurring within us. We are learning to take responsibility for our actions, act more decisively, communicate more clearly, attain deeper levels of respect for the feminine, and feel profoundly more connected to ourselves and others. It’s a masculinity borne of strength, love, honour and self-awareness.

As we continue to grow, the invitation is open for others to join us. As I often say, the biggest step is the first one. That of simply showing up with your whole self, leaving nothing behind, and preparing to take off the mask of stereotypical masculinity. If you are fully prepared to do this, things will change in ways you can’t even imagine.”



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