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“It wasn’t long after my pup Rosie got her final vaccinations that we both braved the winter weather and took our first trip down to the dog beach in Brighton. Beforehand we were strolling down Acland Street checking out the sights and smells of a mostly busy Saturday afternoon filled with pedestrians, pets, and other pooch-related messages on shop corners, and out of the blue, right in front of Rosie, jumped out her doppelgänger. Both stood still for a short while, stunned. The normal excitement of seeing another four-legged friend seemed to have the twist of suspicion that what indeed they were looking at might well have been themselves through a mirror. So there they stood: black lab to black lab… Eventually tails start wagging again, one head goes one way, the other goes the other way, and voila! the noses start sniffing. The ritual of bum sniffing ensues, and after a brief serendipitous moment, both puppers from another mother go their separate ways – already focused on what the next smell is down the road”


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