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Alphia (10)

“Nancy. It sounds like a nice name but no Nancy was not a nice person. She was WORSE. She was…

No Good Nancy!

No Good Nancy was always doing the wrong thing. She would stay up after her bedtime and watch scary movies. Then she would turn the TV up to full volume and disturb all the people in the street.

At school every morning Nancy would spray paint the walls. When it was playtime she pushed everybody off the slide if she wanted to have a go. But if you think that’s bad, listen to this, she chops people’s hair! Yep, you heard me, she chops people’s hair without them knowing until they look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of how bad they look.

When she gets home she snoops around to see what she could claim as her own.

But one day she took it too far. Nancy was planning her biggest, baddest plan yet. She was going to wait for her Mum to fall asleep and then she’d strike. Later that evening as Nancy went off to bed she began to plot how she was going to get into her Mum and Dad’s room. 

The next morning when Nancy’s Mum went to go for her daily shower she noticed her hair, well there was no hair, she was BALD! Nancy’s Mum was furious. She looked around for evidence. Then she saw the shaver and she searched it for fingerprints with a magnifying glass and saw that the only fingerprints other than hers were Nancy’s. She stormed out of the bathroom and into Nancy’s room SHE…WAS… SO FURIOUS she was steaming red!! “YOU ARE DEAD MEAT YOUNG LADY!” Then there was a loud bang! When Nancy looked at her Mum she was amazed…not for long though. Her Mum had transformed into Medusa.

Medusa didn’t have hair, she had snakes in replacement of hair and those snakes weren’t just any snakes. They were snakes that if you looked into their eyes they would turn you into stone instantly and that’s just what they DID! 

Only there was a twist. If Nancy realised what she’d done to everyone in 24 hours then she’d be restored to her usual self, except for the no-good part and everyone would live happily. But if she didn’t then she would be turned to stone forever. It was her choice. We just had to wait and see. 

She had 3 hours left to decide whether she’d be Nice Nancy or be No Good Nancy and turned into stone forever. 1-minute left to go. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3… “Fine! I’ll do it!’’ Her Mum glared at her. “Yes, I’ll do it.’’ Nancy said in her nicest tone.

After that Nancy apologised to everybody. And had to get some hair extensions for those whose hair she chopped off, and a few band-aids for those who she pushed off the slide.

And from then on everybody lived happily.”

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