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It’s hard to find free entertainment these days but when you do it’s so good!

One of the great forms of free entertainment is a game of Poker! – Poker’s a very interesting and fun game to play at home with friends or family, but pub poker is where the game shows its true colours… playing down at the pub means you get to play with locals you may or may not know, have a beer, maybe even a pub parma for dinner or lunch, and a good laugh around the poker table provided you get a bunch of players to rock up. It’s a simple card game once you learn how it’s played and what hands are best.

The night usually starts with registration where you’ll get a card with your name on it and your table number for the night. When registration finishes the poker begins!

You’ll take a seat at your assigned table then the first dealer must be found… To do this all eight players are given a card, the person with the highest card will become the first dealer. The dealer button will then move clockwise to the next player after each hand. The hand is now played out: Players can bet, fold, call, or raise until the hand is over and the winner claims the pot, the cards are then shuffled. You keep repeating this until you have no chips left or, alternatively, you have all the chips, in which case you would be the winner and the champ of the night!

Although all this might make poker sound very simple it is a complex game to play at first… but once you master it you’re laughing! The sky is the limit, and who knows… you could be the next Joe Hachem or Doyle Brunsen (look them up if you don’t know who they are) and earn some big bucks while you’re at it! But even if you don’t master the game Poker’s still a great social outlet to help make new friends or catch up with those you only know down the pub as ‘Robbo’ or ‘Plugga’.

I, myself have made some great new friends from my weekly visit to the pub to play poker and have gained a lot of confidence in playing this great game. I have even been given the nickname of ‘sniper’ because I always wait for just the right time to steal everyone’s chips.

As a wise man once said: ‘You gotta know when to hold ’em, and you gotta know when to fold ’em,’ and that my friend is the secret to poker. So why not go down to your local pub and have a game? It’s free after all!

You can play free pub poker on Wednesday nights at St Kilda’s Doulton Bar in the Village Belle Hotel from 6:30pm onwards.

By Lara Kennedy

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