Poison disguised as friendship

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By Shannon Grant

Taking down the walls that I built,

Publishing this won’t lead to any guilt,

You want more emotion,

I’m done moving in slow motion.

I’m not going to scream anymore,

It doesn’t hurt like before,

You’ll just block me out of your life,

This knowledge cut me like a knife.

I’ll talk to you when I’m ready,

Right now my mind’s a little unsteady,

I don’t care if this annoys,

I won’t sit and not make a noise.

I don’t think of you badly,

But you can’t count on me sadly,

But I wish you well in all that you do,

Even now as I dislike you.

I don’t want revenge and I can’t hate,

I just can’t be your mate,

Don’t worry I’ll keep all details quiet,

I’m not one to tell all and cause a riot.

One day you’ll see that you caused the end,

and this isn’t something that I’m willing to mend,

maybe we were doomed from the start,

but this is where we part.

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