Playing Games with Tow trucks and Rollerblades

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By Eva Knight

In a new game created by young Melbourne developers, players take on the role of a cyborg medic who rollerblades through a city, jumping buildings to reach a patient and cash in.

Set in an alternate future, CyberMedic is a game where there is no public health care so medical services have become big business. Helping others is about making money, like the idea of a tow truck culture where trucks race to a crash for cash.

“Inspiration for the game came from games like Sega’s Crazy Taxi; where you drive over pedestrians to get to a new fare in time,” explains Project Lead Matt Kelly. The CyberMedic creators increase the stakes though, giving players the power to jump buildings and blast pedestrians with backpack defibrillators.

“I don’t doubt that a lot of public versus private discussion around health care had some impact on what the world of CyberMedic became,” Matt continues, “We weren’t writing with any direct parallel to the real world, but more of a ‘what if’ scenario. In a world with a clear division between those who could pay and those who couldn’t, how would that world treat them”.

It was created by a team of game developers in their final year of a game design course at Qantm. They tested the game with the public during its development and amassed an avid fan base attracted to the fast-paced action and unusual world. Global indie bands; Freezepop and My Robot Friend, have even jumped at the chance to be in the soundtrack.

CyberMedic has now been released for free download for both PC and Mac computers at

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