Pixels Review

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By Elliot Murphy

Extra, extra read all about this: Aliens, old school arcade games and an adventure of 2D proportions.

In 1982 a new arcade opens and the world becomes more fun. When the world championships start, the world makes a recording that is sent into space to find and show life on Earth. Many years later three friends: Nerd Brenner, President Cooper, and conspiracy nut, Ludlow have joined with special agent Violet and Donkey Kong world champion, Eddie to fight an enemy that only they can deal with – video game extraterrestrials.

Adam Sandler plays an electronics installer, Brenna, who is the ultimate gamer and who knows a great deal about what to do when the games arrive on earth. At the same time, he has to deal with being a kid stuck in a grown up body. Sandler does very well with this character, with his knowledge of what to do in CGI moments, which is very awesome to watch, and the joy you can see while he is playing this character makes the movie more entertaining. Josh Gad plays the conspiracy nut, Ludlow, who is friends with Brenna and is the one who learns of the coming apocalypse of games. Gad shows how much work goes into playing a nut. He makes it fun for the audience with great enthusiasm and some over-the-top acting, with a spectacular result. Kevin James plays the bumbling President who can’t read. He makes his character Cooper all the more entertaining to watch, having put so much put into his character, which makes it that much more believable. Peter Dinklage plays Eddie, a character with a sinister funny little game cheater side, who rises up to becoming a hero and its awesome to see that development throughout the movie. Michelle Monaghan, who plays Violet, showcases excellent acting in playing different versions of her character with such depth and commitment, such as a broken-hearted mother to a special agent that gets put down because she is a woman. She doesn’t let that bother her and she is a kickass Arcadian game fighter. Monaghan demonstrates very impressive acting. Ashley Benson plays Lady Lisa and even though she has no lines in the movie and isn’t in for very long, she shows off many awesome stunts along with great weapon control.

The special effects that are used for the movie are well thought out, especially considering it is a video game movie. The fact that actors are able to react to CGI creations, like Centipede, Pac Man and Donkey Kong, is exceptional.

If you’re looking for a movie about old-school video games, action and music that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this is for you. 4/5 stars.

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