Photoshoot @ St Kilda Junction

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Christina Exie is a busy girl. Between traveling to New Zealand as a finalist of the Emerging Designer Award and taking part in the cultural program aligned with L’Oreal’s Melbourne Fashion Week 2012, the up-and-coming Melbourne Fashion Designer is a force to be reckoned with.

From working with label TRIMÄPEE in Melbourne to threeASFOUR in New York, Christina is taking on the world one step at a time.

The RMIT Fashion graduate recently took part in the Spirit of the Black Dress Exhibition, coming out on top in a list of the top 10 winning designers for 2012.

Local St Kilda Fashion photographer, Caitriona Fogarty, shot her most recent shoot, down in St Kilda Junction.

Mirroring the underground style of Exie’s garments the bold graphics of the junction’s famous graffiti was the perfect setting for Fogarty’s fashion shoot.

Proving she can do colour and softness just as well, Exie’s delicate blue dress is shot at the junction’s ancient Corroboree Tree meeting place. The beautiful silk gown shows the softer side of Exies work.

She has a design aesthetic all her own. Christina latest collection, Nero, from the Greek word for water, is inspired by the fluidity of water against the female form.

A stunning mixture of modern fashion and conceptual art, Exie’s creations can be found on her website

Caitriona Fogarty’s work can be found here on her website




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