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By: Scott Riddell

I’m originally from Perth. I came here, to Melbourne, in February and since being here I have moved around and seen more of this lovely state that is Victoria.

I began my stay here in the small town of Romsey, with my uncle and cousin. I stayed in Romsey for a few months and then I moved to Sunbury with a couple of friends. After a month in one house, I had to move to another, still in Sunbury. I now live in a lovely town called Mooroolbark, in the Yarra Ranges, with my Dad and Nan.

Coming to Melbourne has been an awesome experience. The city of Melbourne is a lot bigger than Perth, I’ve gotten lost a few times walking around it, but I’m getting used to the area now. Trams are something I’m still getting used to also; as Perth does not have any trams, but buses that circle around and within the city instead. The weather in Melbourne is colder than Perth as well and also unpredictable.

I have met some nice people while I have been here in Melbourne, and some of them I can call my friends. I miss Perth though, because it’s the place I grew up. It will always be my hometown, but I’m planning on starting my future here in Melbourne. There are more opportunities in Melbourne and I have found out rent is a lot cheaper as well, and the rental properties are nicer too.

I will be going back to Perth at the end of this year to see my family and friends there again; I’ll stay there for a couple of months and then return here, to Melbourne. When I get back I would like to start a Mechanics Apprenticeship; it will be my third attempt in doing so, having tried it twice back in Perth, but like they say: “third time’s the charm”. It’s a four year apprenticeship, but I will stick with it until completion. I am nearly 22 years old and should start to think about the future. Joining the Army Reserves is also an idea for me at this time. If I did join the Army Reserves, I would either join the RAInf (Royal Australian Infantry Corps) as a Rifleman, or the RAE (Royal Australian Engineers) as a Combat Engineer. Only time will tell.

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