Pause-Fest 2016

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By Matt Barnett

The festival is held annually and is designed to inspire debate and conjecture about the future and technology. This writer was lucky enough to be able to attend and witness most of the onslaught of information that was made available at pause fest.

The first lecture that I attended was presented by Alice Kimberly (‘VICE’ mag) who shared insights into the new frontiers of female culture which was riveting and fascinating. According to Alice, the concept of the female gender is now fully up for debate, leaving women to be empowered in ways never thought of before.

The next presenter was Finbar O’Hanlon who inspired debate on how to unlearn what you know if you want to innovate, which, again, was thought provoking and inspiring.

This writer caught the Social Traders Pitch fest which showed an amazing business idea – turning discarded clothing into bags, which again was amazing and inspiring, not the least for being the ‘thinking outside of the square’ approach which seemed so prevalent and permeated so much of the festival.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring lectures was presented by Monica Laurence, from Turtle Talks. The idea that we are all constantly living our own legacy seemed poignant amidst disturbing problems like climate change which seem to be becoming more and more pressing.

One of the lectures attended was on possible futures for technology and the possibility of ‘smart cities’ and the various ramifications of that ‘outcome’, which, again, was fascinating.

All in all, this writer found Pause-fest to be a fascinating deluge of ideas that were life-changing and inspirational; a home-ground for the environmentally, socially and politically-conscious creative.

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