Pan Review

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By Elliot Murphy


This classic tale includes mermaids, Neverland, rebel tribes, magic, and pirates – aka Blackbeard and Pan.

Before Peter meets Wendy and Hook becomes his arch nemesis, he is just a young boy left at an orphanage with no idea of how important he will become. After pirates take Peter and friends to Neverland they meet the infamous Pirate Blackbeard, who has a fear of an ancient prophesy of a boy who could fly. Peter soon meets up with a simple miner called James Hook and later escapes the mines to the forest where they find Princess Tiger Lily.

Levi Miller plays the legendary boy known as Peter Pan and plays the part very well, showcasing his acting skills with great commitment and staying true to the character’s evolvement. Peter is a boy who doesn’t believe in magic and is afraid of heights. Miller shows the bravery of his character and brings the character to life with great acting. Levi does a great job and is a great choice to play Peter Pan. Garrett Hedlund plays a simple miner, known as James Hook, who is self-absorbed and looking out for himself. Garrett doesn’t hold back in his role, with impressive athletic skills and hand-to-hand combat skills, and brings a great deal of fun to his character, which makes it that much more fun to watch. Rooney Mara is the sweet, but also kickass, Princess Tiger Lily, with awesome fighting skills and magnificent acting as a sweet tribe Princess to a strong warrior with mad skills and a determination to protect her people. You can really see the effort Mara has put into the development of her character. Finally we come to Hugh Jackman, an amazing actor who doesn’t disappoint as he plays the ruthless tyrant, Pirate Blackbeard. Jackman clearly studied well to play this character, making him very believable as the villain and even showing some of his singing ability in the movie. Jackman is a good choice for the role.

The special effects used for Pan are top of the charts awesome, from the creatures such as computer-generated Neverland skeleton birds, to the giant crocodile. CGI is used for actress Cara Delevingne as three mermaids, and also for the fairies kingdom with Tinkerbelle. So much has gone into this movie; the sets are well designed and the make-up used on Hugh Jackman and his crew has great detail.

Overall this movie is very big on effects but the actors keep up at the same pace, making this movie a great success with plenty of fun, magic and adventure that will make you feel like a kid all over again. 4.5/5 Stars.

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