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Bueller, Bueller? We all remember that hideous monotonous roll call in the film. We delighted in the antics of a young Matthew Broderick playing Ferris Bueller; taking in a ticker tape parade, dancing on a float, stealing a car, eating at a French restaurant, and fooling his parents.

But have you ever had a Ferris Bueller’s day off in St Kilda? I did exactly that over the summer (I actually took an annual leave day for my research – I can’t handle the guilt!), it was the ultimate day of being a tourist in my own backyard. If you want to know how it is done by all means follow these few simple steps:

  1. Book a pedicab in the morning. There is no greater way to get around St Kilda cheaply and with no constraints on parking than this. The bicycle driven carriage allows an open air ride and supports those young fellas earning an honest quid!
  2. Arrive for a coffee at Beach Comber on the water and take in the morning beach setting with your breakfast. It is inexpensive and will line the stomach for whatever lunch time looks like.
  3. Go directly to the St Kilda Baths Dream Time Spa (this place is fantastic). The girls are only too happy to help and the décor is perfect. From above the pool room I could sit in my own spa overlooking the water with my choice of bath oils, and float away for an hour. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, you are swimming at St Kilda, the extent of pampering is endless. There are massage treatments, beauty treatments and anything else one would expect of a renowned day spa. Do yourself a favour and speak with Dee, ask her about the current summer deals available at the moment – Spa Sampler a winner!
  4. Cocktails at Republica. One requires a wind down drink after such relaxation. At Republica there is a barman awaiting your order and a seafood platter from the starter menu that tickles the appetite. Reward your tastebuds with their fresh scallops – by far the best you will find.
  5. Sit on the grass and read the paper or your latest book to the spectacular other half of your mischievous duo while sipping the champagne you packed as the pedicab arrived. This will spark endless conversations about how lovely it would be not to work and have the funds to have such days all the time. It also gets you hungry for the decadent lunch you have planned.
  6. Tipsy does it… now wander over to Cicciolina for lunch, order the blue crab soufflé and then the chocolate fondant. Then wash it down with a bottle of Louis Roederer and be satisfied at the outrageous gluttony you are capable of.
  7. Phone that pedicab again and be brought home once more with the fresh air blowing your hair back, safe in the knowledge that your balcony awaits you, where you will sit, smoke and shake your head at the day you have just had.

I have often thought back on this day and I still shake my head.  Friends of mine, two fine young lads, also had a Bueller’s day off; they varied theirs by devouring cocktails, swimming in the beach, walking in speedos from St Kilda to Riva and having the best ‘PERV’ along the way. So don’t think one needs a significant other for this. A partner in crime is all that is required, a legitimate reason to tell ones self that they need the day off, and some disposable cash to spend in your own backyard, completely justifying your behaviour as you are sharing the love amongst your community.

See you in the village – Miss Delish

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