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It is a very rare occasion that I find myself lost for words. This month all I have done is work, travel for work, chase my tail trying to meet deadlines and still keep in touch with friends, to ward of withdrawals (I need my fill of certain people in my life or I go mad). So when it came time to sit down at my little screen and report to you all, I was rather upset by the state of confusion and indecisiveness that ravaged my brain.

I am going to bare all and tell the truth, I sent out a text to my nearest and dearest and asked them what on earth I should natter about this month, as I had not been witness to reportable drama in the last few weeks. Bingo! Within two minutes of my sent box making its lovely ‘whoosh’ sound, in flooded topics aplenty. What a fantastic exercise, what insight it gave me. Their responses are conversation enough, no witnessing of events necessary.

Before I go on, I just want to thank you all, you know who you are, for your swift and specific responses.

In Order of received ideas:

• I have just wandered up through Elwood and discovered all its little shops and cafes. There are lots of colourful personalities around and I have just met a table of nice people. That is why outsiders love St Kilda/Elwood. Write about that!

This was the text I received from my gorgeous girlfriend who visits me four times a year from her country property outside of Perth, and who loves to sneak away from her domestic world of three children, husband, three dogs, six cars and a partridge in a pear tree. I smiled at the sweet innocence of her text…I’m glad she sees the loveliness of the village life in a city!

• Break Ups?

This one made me screw my face up! My best friend sent this one and I was livid! He obviously did not read my last month’s article on why people break up, and was completely oblivious to the fact that many of our discussions had made it into my piece. Well you little bugger, I expect more from you in the future and if you want to know why people do the things they do in relationships, go back to June!

• Older women with younger men VS Older men with younger women!

Let me explain this to you. This magnificent creature is all woman and has a taste for the younger man. If it has a twenty in its prefix, she is acutely ready for her meal of choice. Two weeks ago, she entered a dream bubble. This is a short set period of time, where there are no expectations between the two entrants, and a passionate, sex driven, naked era ensues for the length of time the bubble exists.

At the end of the bubble, both parties walk away smiling with satisfaction, and a golden memory is kept by both. Her recent bubble was a dream bubble, simply because it involved her two favourite things; a twenty something hottie who happens to play in a rock’N’roll band! I am interested as to why she mentioned older men in her article topic… perhaps there’s a story there for me. I shall investigate and report back to you.

• I am in a bar drinking because it’s raining. Surely there is other stuff to do in St Kilda on a day like this?

This came from my friend who works in different locations, and rain is his worst nightmare. I told him all the things he could do indoors and received no response. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

• The good ones are either gay, married or broke.

My very good looking, intelligent and career orientated girlfriend sent me this. I could have written about our friend who announced to his girlfriend after many years that he was gay. I thought about telling you of the love affairs experienced with men who won’t ever really leave. I thought of the boyfriends that have existed with nothing more but holes in their pockets, but good lord they’re hard to give up when they are so rich in everything else. But I think we all know these tales…they don’t end well, so I chose to let this one go.

• The type of men you meet in different bars in St Kilda

This had me in hysterics! The friend who sent me this is currently two days overdue to have her first child. She is happily married to her one, true love, and she has never, ever, been the type to pick up a guy in the bar and give him a work over. The irony of her chosen topic matter was intriguing. When you are settled into domesticity, does the single life become a romantic fantasy?

So there you have it…..there were a few more ideas that came through, but I might keep them up my sleeve for another rainy day. What innocently started as a simple request for help, became an immediate insight into the thoughts that are buzzing around the beautiful minds of my loved ones. There is a dinner party in waiting from this, I just have to do it. What did I learn? Find a broad question that can be asked of your social circle and wait for the responses, you may learn more within that exercise than you bargained for.

See you In the Village

Miss Delish


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