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Two years ago I moved to St Kilda not knowing anyone in the area, but that quickly changed; little did I know when I was moving in how much I would grow to love this town – I had no understanding of the real sense of community that exists here, in this little town within a big city.

Yes we have a few crazy, lost and downtrodden locals, but I think that just adds to the charm of the place.

I am happily trapped in the vortex of fun that exists between Abby Rd and the Vineyard, and although I do miss my family back in Queensland, the alluring restaurants, bars and most of all the people have trapped me.

I don’t know if it’s the karaoke nights at Abby Rd, Sunday Sesh at the Vineyard, Seafood Paella in Zenith or the huge array of unique locals that have made me fall so hard – like the little old lady that walks around the street looking down in a very colourful jumper who has told me about 15 times now that she bought it in Amsterdam. Then there’s Big Lorry at Abby Rd who everyone looks up to as a father figure. I cannot walk past Zenith without popping in to talk to Mike, complaining? No, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This village is very unique and so are the people, where else do you find people with names like Wiggly, Ant, Smurf and Brizo? Where else do you see a photo of them at the beach posted on Facebook with a beer and know exactly where they are and feel the need to instantly join them?

Who the heck is knitting colourful jumpers for the bike racks? (Thank you)

I would like to thank all of you for making this place my home, for making me feel like I belong. I would like to thank Ange and Jonny from Abby Rd for always giving me a heartfelt greeting when I go there! The security at the Vineyard for always letting us locals in! Joel from the hub for providing small local business people with a great place to work! Joey for, well just being special! I could go on and on!

I walk around this town and see people looking out for each other, smiles in their eyes, love in their hearts.

St Kilda is ours, it belongs to us all, and we make it what it is! So it is our obligation to preserve it. There is some debate about the plans for the redevelopment of Acland St, they say they are going to change the very heart of St Kilda. Change is inevitable but I would like to say my piece.

The plan is to put a great big tram stop at the end of the street and block off the traffic. My argument to that can be illustrated by telling you a story about my great mate Joey: he rides a beautiful green victory motorbike and likes nothing more than to ride down the main street, park outside Abby Rd and have a coffee with me.

People come to St Kilda from all over Melbourne to do the same; on weekends they take their cars out gleaming with pride, they do a lap of Acland St, find a park and enjoy the sun.

A little while ago we had a vintage car rally here, which was a great event and brought much business to the village. It gave me this idea: I say we make Acland St one way, stop the tram at Luna Park, and create more walking space by extending the footpaths out.

I grew up on the Gold Coast where there was no real effective public transport – I do not believe it would be a problem for anyone to walk a few metres to the Luna Park stop.

They say opinions are like bottoms, everyone has one! That is mine.

Finally I would like to say that I work with a company called Westgate Recruitment. We have aligned ourselves with training organisations that have government funded courses that would normally cost thousands of dollars, and we are looking for people that are interested in bettering themselves and getting a job, or a better job. If you’re interested, or you know anyone that may be interested, we are at The Hub most days helping people. Feel free to pop in and see us at Level 2, 82 Acland St, just take the 96 tram to Luna Park. Or if you’re a business owner that would like to take advantage of government funding to up-skill your staff we would also be happy to help.

Summer is here so get ready for the night markets, balmy afternoons and massive parties! That’s my say for today, over and out.

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