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Online gaming: the ability to play video games against other people from all over the world!

A party, in online gaming, is known as a lobby; this is where you can partner up with friends and enter a pre-game lobby knowing that you will be placed in the same team. A pre-game lobby is where a gamer is paired or grouped with other people to battle it out! But sometimes you can even go in as a lone wolf and compete against others in a free-for-all. Some games require you to share the same screen, while playing online, but most games let you use your own full screen in a First Person or Third Person view. Once connected to the internet you can use your console like a computer and surf the web, go on special games and walk around talking to people & performing certain activities, start chat sessions; both text format or, if you have a headset, actually talk to people verbally from other countries! You can obtain special Trophies/Achievements from playing games online and offline, attained by completing certain tasks, then upload them to your profile and show them off to the rest of the world or challenge your friends and see who can collect all of them from a certain game the quickest (not all games have Trophies/Achievements though). Many types of games can be played online, like: Shooting games; where you can be alone, partnered with someone, or grouped in teams, and verse people in a variety of game styles. Racing games; where you can use all kinds of vehicles like cars, motorbikes and boats, to compete in a race to the finish line against large numbers of opponents. Fighting games; where usually you are placed into a 1 vs 1 battle, you can level up your characters and even learn new techniques to utilise in battle. Puzzle games; where you race against time with or against others and work towards the end of a level, or challenge others in card type games. Then there’s Sport games; such as football, soccer, golf, or the Olympics.

By: Jeremy Peachy

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