Now drink from a piece of art at Alma Park

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Alma Park is all set to get a water fountain dressed as an artwork.

Australian icon, Zip Water has teamed up with innovative start-up The O Initiative to help encourage people to drink more water in public spaces.

A GoFundMe crowd funding campaign is currently in progress to further  support the initiative.

The brainchild of founder, Gretha Oost, the award-winning project delivers an attractive, design-driven solution to the environmental impact associated with drinking bottled water.

About one million plastic water bottles end up in Australia’s landfill every day, with most people preferring to spend $4 on a bottle of spring water than drink from a community water bubbler due to its perceived lack of hygiene.

Combining design, public art, collective funding and community engagement, The O Initiative aims to change these perceptions and encourage people to pause, refresh and enjoy their surroundings.

As the project’s official business partner for the past 12 months, Zip Water has been providing financial support to kick-start the venture and donate filtration systems for each unit.

The initiative also reflects Zip Water’s commitment to innovation and the Australian water industry, encouraging people to drink more water and the experience consequent health benefits.

Zip Water CEO John Doumani says innovation in the drinking water industry is crucial and Zip’s partnership with The O Initiative demonstrates this through design and technology.

“Zip has a long and proud history of innovation and manufacturing in Australia and we believe that now more than ever it is critical to support, promote and cultivate innovation within the drinking water industry.

So we’re very excited to be involved with The O Initiative and to be helping Gretha to engage the community through design and technology in her efforts to promote drinking filtered tap water,” said Mr Doumani.

The O Initiative Art Fountains are sculptural objects and a water refilling station. The combination of the organic shaped 3-dimensional canvas with art is designed to engage and delight passers-by, encourage social and behavioural change, stimulate drinking tap water, create more healthy habits and reimagine the humble public drinking fountain.

After winning the Australian Water Association’s Australian Water Innovation Challenge, Gretha has engaged with 10 local artists to create different designs for the fountains which future partners can select for the fountain design if desired – kicking off the journey to more desirable public fountains (and less plastic water bottles in landfill).

“We need to apply a systems approach and revisit our water drinking habits in public spaces,” explains Gretha.

“We need to collaborate and collectively fund attractive public drinking water fountains that will change people’s perceptions, encourage their use and create a sense of shared ownership.”

“The O Initiative is based on the idea that, through art, we can create a positive association with drinking tap water from public fountains and reduce plastic waste associated with drinking bottled water,” she adds.



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