Now Acland Street Beauty Need Not Be Fleeting!

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Oh dear, St Kilda. I can walk the whole length of Acland Street and not find one single copy of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaare or L’Officiel? These are fashion and beauty staples. I can tell you right now you won’t learn a thing from Marie Claire or Grazia about good taste. If you want to be serious about style you have to reference the serious fashion bibles. Residents close by can thank their lucky stars for the diligence of Acland Court Pharmacy. At least there is somewhere to buy quality beauty products but what about those months where the budget is a little too tight to fork out for Chanel? What if you just need more information?

Simplifying your beauty routine to fit a busy schedule can be challenging work. The nagging guilt attached when you’ve just kind of… Let yourself go it not a good feeling. With Melbourne’s neurotic climate, beauty essentials and understanding the developments in beauty is the saving grace from expensive surgeries and treatments. It is expensive and redundant when you are spending a fortune and just can’t seem to find the right products. If you are anything like me, your beauty regime has its own temperament depending on time of year. St Kilda is a suburb of beautiful people, so how can residents stay clued up about the fashion of beauty with only very few, hidden guides and no decent beauty-bibles in the area?

Summer is about to hit and I know I need help. I was hunting around online and came across a really great concept. Bellabox is an Australian distribution company, which delivers a tailored selection of beauty products to your door for $15 a month.  Each box contains a minimum of six trial-sized make-up, nail, skincare, fragrance, body and haircare products – across high end, boutique and cult brands. Brands range from Givenchy to Jurlique, La Perla to Skinmiso to good old Palmolive. The box focuses specifically on the latest beauty trends and there is an online shop for anything you try that you really must have – or take your newfound knowledge to what’s left of our St Kilda retail! You fill out do a beauty profile on to ensure you are getting the right trials. The trial sizes are equivalent to any typical ‘travel size’ you might buy from the supermarket or department store.

The box I decided on was the ‘November Box’ and it arrived pretty swiftly. Its in a cute little card gift box (so perhaps collect up trials you don’t get around to using and over time make your own gifts for thank-yous to the baby-sitter or fav teacher – you have the box ready to go). If you have a friend who has just had a baby, consider the bellababy subscription and treat your friend to the surprise of a monthly gift. I actually really love this idea. It’s cost effective and you get to stay in the beauty loop.

Anyway the November Box came with a ready made routine for hands and face. The product that surprised me the most: 4me Nail Polish Remover pads. I thought to myself, pffft this wont work – but with just two pads I had 4 layers of polish off both hands and my cuticles were left in perfect condition. Win. I also really liked the Skinmiso Pore Pack which proved to be a much nicer and softer way to treat those pesky blackheads I hate admitting exist. For a rock concert I went to on the weekend I got to sample the Bloom Star Gazer Eyeliner and I felt a million bucks and I swear that cute boy was checking out my glittery goodness because of it! I also now have a beautiful pomegranate hand cream for my handbag which will definitely last me the month or even much longer. So all in all it was a huge win, in fact I enjoyed using all the products so much I’ve been fully recruited into the bellabox program. Now if I get really really busy, I have the reminder to pamper at least once a month, no excuses. 1300 664 117 or

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