North Port Football Ground

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By: Ando

Welcome back readers.

If you cast your mind back to March 2012, I was reminiscing then about the ‘J’ aka the Junction Oval. Now I can report that another historic ground, the North Port Oval, is to undergo a major facelift. This ground is located just a short trip from St Kilda, on the corner of Ingles Street and Williamstown Road, in Port Melbourne.

I have visited this icon on numerous occasions with my stepson, who played Auskick at half time during VFL (formally the VFA), matches featuring the Port Melbourne ‘Borroughs’.

This is ground is very picturesque, but the facilities for both the players and the public are somewhat tired and outdated.

A plan was afoot in 2008 to renovate but the playing area was found to be contaminated, with no-one but the ‘testers’ knowing what with. Thus, the redevelopment was put on hold now, with the total cost thought to be in the range of 4.7 million dollars.

Well, I for one, am looking forward to watching the ‘Borroughs’ in theirs, and our, new surroundings.

Don’t forget jump on the tram to Acland Street for a nice cold beer or twenty, to celebrate or commiserate with mates (perhaps also with the odd player) after the game.

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