Noisy Neighbours? How To Create An Urban Garden Sanctuary

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George Amos is a British expat that has been landscaping around Port Phillip and Bayside for 15 years with his business Acoustic Landscape Designs. He’s moonlighted as a DJ for much of this time, immersed in the cutting edge circles of Melbourne’s rare groove and disco scene. Merging a love of landscaping and music might seem like an untenable union, but George has gradually built a unique enterprise that turns outdoor spaces into a sonic paradise.

Well, that might be an exaggeration. But, he has developed ingenious ways to minimise negative acoustics by using a mixture of landscape features such as acoustic fencing, specific plantings and effective materials to reduce neighbourly sounds and road noise.

Having studied Sustainable Landscape Design at Swinburne University, every component of George’s designs are carefully thought out. ‘I like to use a combination of indigenous, native and exotic plantings to not only look aesthetically pleasing, but most will have a dual purpose, such as attracting native fauna or creating privacy. Grouping specific plants to reduce water usage and fertilising is a key part of a modern sustainable landscape’. He goes on to say. ‘Natural and local materials are essential to minimise carbon footprint through transportation. I make sure any features such as steel products are produced in a well organised, controlled environment to make sure the embedded energy involved with their manufacture is kept to a minimum’.

George completes each project with advice on the best way to configure home sound systems, to avoid having to blast inadequate speakers from inside the home, to the outdoor environment, which can be a nuisance to surrounding properties. With an endless minefield of sound systems to choose from, be it a smartphone paired with a Bluetooth speaker or a high-end analogue audiophile set-up, George considers each clients lifestyle and listening requirements, walking them through different hi-fi components combined with digital solutions (including which applications are best to use, in the current market) to create a system which can be projected at a consistent volume, indoor through to outdoor.

George’s design process is quite simple. After an initial client consultation, he will design a Concept Plan which is scribbled on and tweaked until the client brief and budget is met. The Concept then evolves into a Master Plan which is a document required for the construction phase.

The result is your outdoor space will not only look good, but it will also sound awesome too.

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