New details made public in Tracey Connelly case

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By Ed Kennedy

The investigation into the death of St Kilda resident Tracey Connelly has a renewed momentum with new details having been made public.

Ms Connelly, who primarily worked as a sex worker, was found dead in the early hours on Greeves St last July. Reportedly, she regularly solicited clients in the street and also kept her van parked there.

Speaking to the ABC’s Australian Story detectives indicated they now believe Ms Connelly’s death did not occur as a result of a deliberate intent to murder but instead now could have been a failed robbery attempt that escalated into a violent act.

It was also revealed that police have now moved their investigation overseas after a DNA sample taken that was believed to belong to the killer taken from the crime scene showed no results nationally. Currently Interpol’s databases are being used in the hopes of finding a lead overseas.

Police have again appealed for people who were in the area surrounding Greeves St in the early hours of July 21 to come forward.

Anyone with information on the case can contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or visit

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