New album from Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses

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By H.R

Tunnel at the End of the Light is the recently released fifth album from Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses.

Featuring long-time collaborators and multidisciplinary musicians; Charlie Owen on guitar and keyboard, Murray Patterson on acoustic guitar, Stephen Hadley on bass, Gus Agars on drums, Joel Silbersher on electric guitar and last but obviously not least, Tex Perkins on lead vocals- there’s no shortage of musical talent in this super group.

They’ve come together once more to create a (slightly enigmatic) new album with lush, multi-layered tracks, smooth vocals and philosophical undertones.

I was lucky enough to chat to Charlie Owen, a musical genius and dark horse in his own right, about the new album, Tunnel at the End of the Light. A title which Owen assured me is not a typo but rather a title which, “Gives you something to think about…which is kind of what most of the songs are about. You know, the grander questions in life.”

Tunnel At The End Of The Light is both musically and lyrically a little bit moody, a little bit seductive, and a little bit country whilst still being, “as gentle as possible,”says Owen. “Everyone’s got their things that they contribute to the music to take it from being the early sketches into a fully formed adult beast that we end up recording…there is definitely an organic element of everybody’s own musicianship and bend on music being brought to it.”

There’s a gravity in Perkins’voice which keep the songs from drifting off into space, and the guitar solos and steady drum beats in tracks including, They Shoot Horses Dont They and Slide On By are beautifully crafted sound collages. Tender strums of the acoustic guitar, melodic keyboards and injections, every so often, of pre-recorded soundscapes give the album a certain depth.

But as I soon discovered, “Everything doesn’t need to be that serious, there are things to laugh at in our music as well as laugh with.”And that’s true, there’s a few small hints of this, particularly embedded within some of the lyrics.

Tunnel at the End of The Light was launched at the Memo on the 1st of August, which was as dreamy as the album itself. Against red velvet curtains, delicate lighting, and tranquil puffs of a smoke machine, Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses opened the set with, Oh Lucky Me, the first track on the album. For the next hour and a half, Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses preformed songs off the new album as well as mixing it up with a couple of older songs.

There was a sense somewhere during the night, of a kind of closeness between the audience and the band. This was highlighted even more so when Tex ended the set by individually pointing to each band member and telling them he loved them, and then turning to us, the audience and shouting, “and I love YOU!”which made everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Overall this record is a perfect balance of vague romantic sentimentality with gritty truths, suppressed desires, delicate projections of futurity, and a heaped tea-spoon full of self-reflection…It’s like getting the answer from a Magic Eight Ball without having actually asked a question.

So turn up the volume on the is one, pour yourself a big glass of wine, sit back in your favourite armchair and as you begin to ponder the deeper mysteries of life, just remember that at the end of the day, in the huge mathematical scheme of things, we’re all just numbers which multiply…

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