Mythica: The Darkspore

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Elliot’s low-down with Nicola Posener, on Mythica: The Darkspore


Mythica: The Darkspore is the sequel to the 2014 A Quest for Heroes in the Mythica series. It has magic, new dangers and a new quest for Teela, Marek, Thane and Dagen to stop the Necromancer from obtaining the Darkspore, which was hidden from the world until now.

I interviewed British actress Nicola Posener on her recent movie Mythica: The Darkspore. Posener, who stars as the character Teela, has elevated her character to greater heights in this second installment, to make it more enjoyable, along with her Mythica family, Melanie, Jake and Adam. This has a great, fun and imaginative story line, with fun comedy, action and neat fight scenes that just draw you in until the end. 5/5 stars on story, fantasy and CGI to make it awesome. I enjoyed getting to know Nicola Posener and seeing her fun personality, and I had the pleasure of getting to ask her a few questions.

What was it that drew you to the particular character of Teela?

It was in fact the production as a whole that I was instantly drawn to and subsequently came on-board to join the Mythica series. Arrowstorm Entertainment are so incredibly skilled at creating great fantasy content from the scripts to the actual shoot and production. I was originally seen for 3 leading roles; (Teela, Marek, Raya) many changes and character development occurred early on in the process and it soon became apparent that I was leaning towards the priestess healer, Teela. I was delighted when I found out that I had been cast and grateful to be able to portray such a brilliantly written, well-rounded character.

 What would you say was your favourite real world scenery location for Mythica?

We had so many brilliant locations, from snow peaked mountains to lava tubes, sand dunes and forests. I’d say my favourite location were the red rocks in movie one set as the Orc Encampment. We were filming in St George, Utah. It was almost otherworldly, especially being from England it was like no place I had ever seen or visited before.

What did you think of the music that was used in Darkspore?

The music is absolutely stunning. We have the most wonderful composer, Nathaniel Drew who brought a whole extra element and life to the world of Mythica that draws you in so much to the story and characters. In fact each character has their own instruments that identify and represent them and what they bring to the story. Behind the scenes footage is available as DVD bonus features that really explain his process and how he came up with each sound representing the four of us.

When filming the movie what was it that you enjoyed the most?

I think for such a long shoot the most enjoyable element is working with a team of people who you genuinely love working with and all have the same passion and drive to create something great. The initial shoot for movies 1, 2 and 3 was filmed over 5 months and so you really do connect with the team around you and make great friends. It makes rather long days on set a lot of fun and something I very much looked forward to despite even the 4:30 morning pickups.

 What bought your attention to joining Arrowstorm?

I originally worked with the team at Arrowstorm Entertainment back in 2010 when I was cast as the female lead Kate Sterling in one of their earlier feature films Dawn of The Dragonslayer. It was from there we stayed in touch and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to audition for Mythica.

What was it like working with the director Anne Black?

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Anne on various occasions, Dawn of the Dragonslayer being the first and then a voice-over for Crown and the Dragon and most recently the first two Mythica movies. I adore working with Anne; she’s an extraordinary director, extremely passionate about her work, a perfectionist and has brilliant creative vision. She always makes me strive to give the best performance possible. I’d love to work with Anne again.

Is there anything you wished you would have wanted more in the film? 

I think with an ensemble piece there’s the element of having many great characters but only so much time for the story to be told. I suppose if I could wish for something it would be more time, perhaps more scenes to explore the character as you find you become so attached and want to tell their own personal tale. Alas the film must flow and as such only scenes that are story specific and guide the audience must ultimately remain and rightly so.

What do you think of your acting family Melanie, Jake and Adam?

I love my acting family, the four of us all instantly clicked and have been great friends ever since. In fact our nicknames on set were the ‘Super Friends’. We are all based in Los Angeles and see each other regularly.

What or Whom was your inspiration for becoming an actress?

I have always had a passion to perform and act, originally I trained in theatre and over some years drifted into the medium of film. It’s hard to say, explain my inspiration as it comes in so many forms. I just know when I go to the theatre or see a brilliant film I love the element of escapism and delving into a different place, time, reality. I think that’s why I’m specifically drawn to period dramas, science fiction and fantasy. I love anything out of the ordinary.

What’s next for you?

I’ve recently wrapped filming on Mythica 4 and due to commence filming Mythica 5 all through December, which I’m very excited about. Once completed it shall be the end of an era for team Mythica. My next project to be released is a dark drama/thriller entitled Gear, where I play the leading female role, Zoe. I was fortunate enough to shoot that in Canada. It’s a brilliant fast-paced character-driven film with action and car chases. For information on film releases and current projects I regularly post updates through my social media pages.


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