Movie Review: Ted

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By: Daggles Porter

This month I went and saw Ted, mainly because it’s directed by Seth MacFarlen, who is also the creator of the animated shows, Family Guy and American Dad. The movie begins when a young John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) makes a wish that his teddy bear (Ted) would come to life. He wakes the next morning to find his wish has come true and his new life with Ted begins. They eventually grow up and Ted turns out to be a bit of a hand-full. Often getting drunk and high or having sex with a co-worker while at work, Ted always seems to be getting himself and John into trouble.

After four years together with John, Lori Colins (Mila Kunis) has had enough of Ted and his behaviour, and forces John to choose between the woman he loves and his life long friend.

I had big expectations going to see this film, as I really like Family Guy and American Dad and it was on a par with both. The thing I liked most was that this felt like a kid’s movie but with a lot of adult material mixed in that kept me laughing from beginning to end. The one downside to all of this is that the movie is rated R and contains a lot of material and language not suitable for young children, yet it was released at the same time as the school holidays. I would hate to think how many parents took their kids to see this movie about a teddy bear without checking the rating first.

That said I really enjoyed this movie, as it was full on from start to finish, without overdoing it. I give it 4 out of 5 chock tops.

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