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By: Brent Marley

I have read a hell of a lot of comics and graphic novels and watched a heap of comic adaptations on

the big screen over the past few decades. Yet whilst I thoroughly enjoyed all of the big budget block buster’s like Spiderman, Batman, The Watchmen and The Avengers, there were a few comic movies that were over shadowed and fell through the mainstream cracks…

One of these Superhero movies caught my attention late the other night; which, fittingly enough, was called Super.

Made in 2010 staring Rainn Wilson (from The Office) as the nerdy nobody, Frank, who hits breaking point after his wife leaves him for a sleazy drug dealer, played by Kevin Bacon.

Frank, after a very strange meeting with God, decides to tackle crime head on and save his wife from his nemesis and her own addictions by transforming himself into a new Superhero, the Crimson Bolt.

On his journey to becoming a Superhero he meets up with a crazy young girl named Libby (Ellen Page from Raising Hope) who works in a comic book store and is obsessed with Superheros, and before you know it the Crimson Bolt has a sexy side kick called: Bolty.

The line between Superhero and Antihero becomes very blurred; with the Hero bludgeoning even the most petty criminals nearly to death with his weapon of choice; a wrench. Then things really get bad for the criminals when the Crimson Bolt teams up with the crazy, and quite often blood thirsty, Bolty, with the crime fighting duo shooting, stabbing and maiming everyone in their way (not to mention blowing up a few people along the way, just for good measure). Well I guess that sometimes the end justifies the means, but I will let you decide that for yourselves.

Also starring: Liv Tyler, Gregg Henry and Michael Rooker; Super is hilarious, a bit sad and at times downright outrageous. All in all though, it was great fun to watch and sort of makes you think how far you would go if you were in the same situation.

Super is rated MA and I would not recommend it for young children.

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