Movie Review: Power Rangers

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By Elliot Murphy

When 5 delinquent teens from Angel Grove High find a spacecraft buried underground they decide to check it out. The next day after obtaining five coloured coins the teens discover they’ve got enhanced human strength. Now Rita has returned and is hunting for gold to build her servant Goldar and if the 5 teens don’t pull it together soon, Rita will destroy them all, Angel Grove and the world so now it’s time to GO GO Power Rangers.

Dacre Montgomery plays Jason (Red Ranger) the rebellious teen who thinks everyone hates him for his screw-up. Dacre shows a great performance as Jason as leader, friend, and team mate. With his agile moves showing his fighting skills, it makes sense why Dacre was chosen for the Red Ranger. Naomi Scott is Kimberly (Pink Ranger) the popular girl who is another member of the detention group. Naomi was fearless in this role and in every scene you could see it. Like Dacre, Naomi has mad fighting skills to show for the camera. RJ Cyler is Billy (Blue Ranger).  Unlike the others RJ’s role is more passive and the heart of the team which he plays well in bringing everyone together.

Good acting and good fighting manoeuvres with a bit of humour to bring to the character. Ludi Lin is Zack (Black Ranger) the cocky, overconfident who thinks he is unbreakable guy of the group. Ludi does quite well with this character with being the bad boy, but also the kind son who looks out for his mum and friends. He plays his role well. The last of the rangers is the (Yellow Ranger) played by Becky G is Trini. Trini like her other ranger pals suffers with her own problems and misfortune, and Becky knows just how to make her look the part and her fighting skills are on par with Naomi. Of course every team needs a commander to watch over them and that is Zordon played by Brian Cranston. Brian brings a father like figure, but a strict one to help the youngsters. Brian was excellent as this role and lived up to the character. Even his little robot friend Alpha 5 voiced by Bill Hader did a great job. Finally every hero needs a villain and Elizabeth Banks definetly brought that as the vile, evil, Rita Repulsa. The outfit was very ominous which made Elizabeth’s evil taunts and acting more believable and she played this nasty character flawlessly.

The new ranger suits looked amazing, as did Rita’s. The CGI used for the Zords and Goldar looked much more realistic than before. The music was well chosen but the original theme made it that much better.

I liked it had more original type story, but the fact the rangers suffered from everyday modern teen problems made it more real. A bit darker than the series was which I liked but the battle at the end could have gone a bit longer. There was a few bits of comedy in it that made me laugh. Overall 4 ½ / 5 stars

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