Movie Review – Hercules

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By Abir Chaaban

Seeing a movie in Gold Class is a Saturday night well spent in my opinion! I would usually be interested in watching a movie with some comedy or romance but Australian actor (my favourite actor) Stephen Peacocke (Brax from Home & Away) was making his Hollywood debut in Hercules, and this I could not miss!

As the movie progressed, to my surprise, I began to gain more interest in the movie itself, than who played what role. What a great film it was! Better than great, fantastic! I usually steer clear of the sorts of movies that seem to concentrate more on the blood and glory than a strong storyline, however this time the storyline was the main attraction of the movie, and the blood and glory was kept to a minimum in comparison to other films in the genre.

It bought a tear to my eye, witnessing not only an Australian actor but my favourite actor make it to the big screen in such a high profile film. Although the role he played was minor and only a sneak peak of what he is capable of, seeing him stand beside the great Dwayne Johnson was a pleasure. Let’s face it, we all know and love Dwayne and would be honoured to play a part beside him.

I highly recommend that everyone and anyone go see this movie as you will not be disappointed. If anything, I think you will love it. It has been a while since I’ve left the movie theatre thinking: ‘wow, that was great!’


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