Mornington Peninsula Get Away – Visiting Wonderful Frankston

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By: Leslie and Richard


Whether you’re coming down to Frankston to spend a couple of hours looking around the city centre or to go to the beach with the family to have a long dip, remember that Frankston beach is one of the greatest beaches the peninsula has to offer. With fine clean sand stretching as far as the eye can see and sparkling clean water that consistently meets EPA requirements by a large margin, you can easily see why Frankston beach is popular.

Surrounding the beach are numerous boardwalks constructed with high-quality wood and the finest craftsmanship. The beach and the city is also separated by a large strip of green space with luscious plant-life, parks and BBQ areas. This area obscures most of the city, such that from the beach it’s hard to believe there is a striving prosperous city on the other side. Frankston has struck the perfect balance between a bustling metropolitan area and green areas – it really is like a getaway to an exotic island.

The foreshore has seen small developments over the recent years and now has a nice beachwear clothing shop and a takeaway shop selling energy food – pretty much what beach goers would love.

Frankston has become a well cultured town and it’s a great little place to visit for anyone from the outer suburbs looking for something perhaps a little bit different.

Little cafes can be found at almost every corner of the town centre; their food is wonderful and they provide great service – the prices range from normal to a little bit expensive. When you walk past them on an average day, the cafes are always packed with all kinds of Frankstonians and you can always tell by the look on their faces that they are really enjoying the service, the food and themselves. When it comes to small retail shops there are so many to choose from too, anyone would be having major difficulties trying to choose which ones to shop in.

The Peninsula Centre, the so called ‘tallest building in Frankston’, was also regarded as the eyesore of the town, but now it is perhaps becoming prime waterfront real estate. It was abandoned office space for many years but with current redevelopments and a new coat of paint it is now a residential building. The front of the building is lined with palm trees that give it an exotic and luxurious touch. Looking around Frankston on my daily business I’ve noticed constant improvements and development: old buildings are demolished to make way for new businesses and aspirations, and there are also new apartment complexes and car parks that are currently under construction. All this development can only mean economic growth and a growing demand for office space in Frankston.

Public transport access in Frankston is very good. The Frankston train line takes you directly to the heart of the city and it stands next to a major bus terminal that services all of its surrounding suburbs and beyond – The airport shuttle bus also stops at this terminal. As an outer suburb, Frankston is surprisingly very far-reaching as far as public transport goes.

With an ample number of public security officers constantly patrolling the streets of Frankston you will always feel safe, not that security is much of an issue, what with all the friendly and cultured people.

If by any chance in the near future you or anyone you know decides to take a quick drive to Frankston, remember: Frankston is a nice place to visit for the day and also for the entire year.

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