Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Reviewed by Elliot Murphy

Jake is living an ordinary boring life with parents who have no time and a grandfather who tells stories. One night an accident happens and Jake is heading off to see if the tales he was told were true about Miss Peregrine and her children.

Eva Green plays Miss Peregrine the very over protective but very strong character. Eva does well showing this character’s light cheery side and her dark terrifying side, but always staying true to her character as a tough but kind home carer. Asa Butterfield plays Jake, doing quite well showing his character’s different personalities such as unstable, afraid, nervous, brave, romantic and very sucky with a cross bow. Asa knows how to make full use of bringing this character to life. Samuel. L. Jackson plays Barron the evil character of this story, but with a hint of humour that he brings to his character, at times like Eva he seems dark and terrifying but with some comedy on the side. Samuel does well as this character. Ella Purnell plays Emma Bloom. One of many peculiar children in Peregrine’s home with the pecuriality of Air. Ella is very good as her character playing the kind, caring but at the same time distant, and motherly type. The other actors whom played the children who also did great in their roles as the other peculiar children.

The CGI that was used was well detailed in the monsters, powers and scenery for explosions and rewinding time. The music was well chosen when making the scenes feel darker or cheery or just some light hearted moments.

Over-all for a Tim Burton movie it was decent, but I think the story could have been a bit more frightening and intense. 3.5/5 stars

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