Milk the Cow

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An Invigorating, new Wining & Dining concept comes to St Kilda!

Food Dude’s penchant for cheese and wine brings him back to the Paris end of Fitzroy Street for a truly rare experience at the astonishing new food and wine locale; Milk the Cow

“This is far more than your local cheese shop and wine store,” he says

By: The Food Dude and Shona Narayanan

This is the brainchild of prominent venue identity; Daniel Verheyn, currently proprietor of successful establishment ‘The apartment’ in the city.

Overlooking Albert Park and sitting at what is considered the ‘posh end’ of Fitzroy Street, Milk the Cow is a fresh and bold attempt at bringing a touch of class to St Kilda. The licensed fromagerie boasts an impressive range of over 100 (and counting) varieties of cheese from all corners of the world and an extensive wine list to boot, but elegantly avoids all vibes of pretentiousness. Offering a quiet, comfortable setting to enjoy one’s more cultured side, Milk the Cow is a breath of fresh air with affordable prices from the local eateries within one of St Kilda’s most bustling streets.

Laura Lown, their definitive Cheesemonger from the UK, bringing with her considerable international experience, combines her talents with the local Sommelier, Jason, to produce some remarkable cheese and wine combination menus.

Seemingly daunting to novices of wine and cheese, this establishment and their staff make every effort to overcome this stereotype. From extremely affordable flights which consist of four different cheeses paired exquisitely with four beverages (wines, beers or spirits) that range between $16 to $20, to the Cheesemonger’s Choice Cheeseboards ($19 to $30), to featured cheeses that come with descriptions, Milk the Cow’s menu is as informative as the staff are.

Enchanting light fixtures, fashioned from milking equipment, illuminate a rather large glass display case that plays host to an astonishing variety of cheeses. Table settings fitted with white stools are placed in front of it so patrons can partake in conversation or simply face forward and admire the cheese if they so wish.

An impressive bar frames the whole display and one can certainly spend an hour or two simply getting lost in the different allures of each tasting as exceptionally helpful staff educate you on a little bit of their boundless knowledge about cheese and wine.

“The cheese and wine flight ($18) that I enjoyed consisted of four types of cheeses, hailing from France and Ireland, accompanied beautifully by wine carefully paired from France, Australia and New Zealand. The flight itself is a beauty to behold: four glasses of wine held within a wooden contraption that doubles as a tasting board for the cheese on display.

Of the four exceptional pairings I particularly enjoyed the Chabichou du Poitou and Crozier Blue sets. Chabichou du Poitou is a goat’s milk cheese that is dense and chalky but melts bewitchingly in the mouth with a tangy finish that is complimented by Motif Sauvignon Blanc [which] has hints of tomato leaf and green capsicum that is contrasted with a hint of passionfruit. The last set in the flight was undoubtedly the pièce de résistance in my humble opinion: a salty blue cheese that is creamy and hints suggestively at toasted nuts, Crozier Blue was matched with Campells Classic Topaque that complimented each other charmingly”.

Genial hostess and public relations manager, Vanessa Mason has introduced some regular monthly special events that are proving very popular and are attracting substantial patronage, like the ‘Perfect Match Mondays’ where a Dairy company coordinates with a Brewery or Wine Company to present a fascinating and entertaining night of extraordinary cheeses and wine tastings!

So whether you’re a seasoned wine and cheese lover or if you’re a first time adventurist, Milk the Cow will assuredly be a pleasant experience for one and all.


Milk The Cow

157 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Hours: Monday – Thursday: 12pm till late

               Friday & Saturday: 12pm to 1am

               Sundays: 12pm to 11pm

Phone: (03) 9537 2225

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