Melbourne Spring Fashion Week sees NEODIA strutting its stuff

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By Alexandra Feiam

NEODIA, a Melbourne-based designer label, has previewed its latest collection at the acclaimed Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on September 2nd.

The latest collection was previewed at the contemporary show at Melbourne Town Hall. Founders and designers, Gavin Lowes and Becky Chua had plenty to be proud of after the show.

Although Gavin Becky Chua only created NEODIA in 2010, they have already made their mark in the intensely cut-throat fashion industry.

The fashion show, where their works were presented, was executed with cool blue lights, funky music and a chilled atmosphere, reflecting the style of their latest collection.

Each model, dressed in an array of blues, blacks and silvers paraded down the catwalk; each piece oozing effortless cool, chic and beachy vibes to the audience.

The collection included aqua dresses, black pant suits, playsuits made of netting, and all things chic. “We were looking at very dark oceans, quite moody and sombre” Gavin explains, as his and Becky’s visual inspiration.

Gavin and Becky’s design process for the show began with the collection of inspiring imagery, “I’m a mad collector of imagery and art, whether it’s fashion related or something that inspires me by mood, colour or juxtaposition” Gavin says.

There is no singular inspiration for NEODIA this season. The woman they imagine wearing their clothes changes every with every collection, “each season we will have images of our girl. She’s cool, nonchalant but sophisticated and sensual” Gavin explains.

Watching each model flaunt NEODIA’s collection down the runway, it is no surprise that design is the true calling for the designers of NEODIA.

Growing up in Mildura, Gavin was raised as a country boy. “As a kid I was always creating and designing,” he says. He grew up with a sister, Alana, who is just as creative as he is.

Moving to the city of Melbourne, his designing dreams became reality, studying furniture design at RMIT.

He met Becky Chua on their first day at university, and were “sewn at the hip” ever since, says Gavin. The two share the same passion and vision for fashion and design.

This is where their collaboration for NEODIA began.

NEODIA has been seen in numerous magazines, in Australia and overseas. In 2010, Vogue Italia presented NEODIA to the world, naming them as designers with impeccable tailoring and have clear artistic references in their work.

They have also been featured in Marie Claire and Elle Magazine. Celebrities such as Jess Hart, Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale have been seen in NEODIA.

Although the two have been successful in their first five years, they have had to deal with rejection and disappointment.

Gavin’s advice for those aspiring designers is to “work hard, be tenacious and have a thick skin. Learn from the industry, ask the right questions and pay attention.” He says.

NEODIA has exciting things coming their way. They are about to launch their label in New York and London in the following months.


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