Melbourne Cup Day

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By Mary McConville

After we recover from the game that stops the nation – the AFL Grand Final, we can start our preparations for the race that stops the nation –on Melbourne Cup Day (November 3rd). What do we need to think about  beforehand – food, drink, clothes, company and weather?

 Company – Choose your companions carefully. Get together with your fun-loving but sensible friends who will not encourage you to drink too much or gamble away your savings. In fact, this last is not that likely. Some race goers don’t even look at the horses and gambling patterns on Cup Day aren’t normal. There are too many unpredictable mug punters. How can the bookies predict the odds when some people decide which horse they will bet on based on the colour of the jockey’s silks.

 Clothes – Getting the clothes right is terribly important, especially on Ladies’ Day (Thursday the 5th). Some people turn up dressed like imitation Sloanes, in suits and floral frocks. Some turn up in silly costumes, such as the usual, men in tutus. Frilly frocks and hairy legs are a visual oxymoron. On the serious side, a lot of women will be wearing high heels  and limping home at the end of the day. Heels are not the most practical footwear at the races but they do make the legs look good.

Headgear has become terribly important. It is the most profitable time of year for the milliners who can predict what style will be popular each year. Orange is the new hat – well maybe. The milliner Christie Murray predicts that orange will be very popular this year. She also predicts that metallics will be much worn.

 Food – The best option is tasty finger food. It shouldn’t be too fragile or messy. Chicken sandwiches are classic but small quiches, cheese, cakes, antipasti and sushi are also practical. Make sure there is plenty of water and soft drinks  as an alternative to alcohol. If all this cooking is too much work, put in an early order  with a local caterer who will make up a delicious basketful for you.

 Weather – For heaven’s sake, check the weather. Rain and mud can really destroy a carefully put together ensemble. Rain is good for roses but not the ones on your hat. Think ahead and have an alternate outfit, something warmer, sturdier and maybe even  waterproof.

 On the day – dress nice, pack your picnic basket, meet your friends and most of all – have fun.

 If you don’t want to go to the trouble of organising your own day out there are a lot of arranged events all over town. The race goer can start the day with breakfast at Crown Palladium  at 7.30 am. Afterwards Crown Palladium will shuttle their customers to Flemington. These customers may need to be carefully shepherded to the races if they began their day with a champagne breakfast.

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