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Now that the dust has settled on a hard fought Council election here in the City of Port Phillip, and councillors have elected a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor, it is time to get to know our representatives. Daniel Wilson of St Kilda News invited councillors to make known what their top five priorities are for this term.


Mayor Cr Amanda Stevens (Albert Park Ward)

  • Improving access to childcare and aged care
  • Providing more affordable housing
  • Advocating to the State government to ensure our community gets new primary and secondary schools
  • Advocating to the State government to ensure that the Fisherman’s Bend and Montague redevelopments do not adversely affect Port Phillip
  • Ensuring that Council listens and responds to residents and local business owners


Deputy Mayor Cr Serge Thomann (Catani Ward)

  • Work with the government on issues like schools, St Kilda Triangle, Fisherman’s Bend, St Kilda Harbour, the St Kilda Festival, just to name a few
  • Nurture a rich and diverse live performance (music, theatre, dance, circus) and visual arts hub, including setting up a Port Phillip Cultural Foundation
  • Continually improve the services that matter – safe and clean streets, quality care, more affordable community housing
  • Be available and engaged with the community and provide an active, personable, energetic voice for the people of St Kilda and Port Phillip
  • Diligently monitor planning applications, permits, and guidelines to protect residential amenity, encourage economic viability and preserve St Kilda’s soul


Councillor Jane Touzeau (Point Ormond Ward)

  • Good governance
  • Responsible budgeting
  • Infrastructure renewal to take impacts of climate change into account
  • Work with Melbourne Water and other partners on flood management for Elwood
  • Careful management of core services and community facilities


Councillor Andrew Bond (Junction Ward)

  • A Strategic Plan for the area south of St Kilda Junction
  • A review of council parking policies for both streets and in new developments in Port Phillip
  • Ensure all new developments are appropriate for the area in which they are proposed
  • Value for rates for all City of Port Phillip ratepayers
  • Reintroduction of a hard rubbish pick up for Port Phillip


Councillor Vanessa Huxley (Carlisle Ward)

  • Apply her knowledge of IT and Communications to implement effective digital communication strategies and IT services for both the community and local businesses.
  • Establish a Carlisle Street Traders Association and ensure Council adopts a collaborative and consultative approach with business owners.
  • Ensure excellence in re-building the Balaclava Station and engage and work with the local community on the implementation of the Carlisle Street Activity Centre.
  • Be an advocate for live music by strengthening the role of the Live Music Working Group; supporting new acts/bands, assisting in career development and connecting young musicians with mentors and members of the music industry.
  • Represent the younger demographic currently living in Port Phillip, raising awareness of youth issues and promoting health and wellbeing in the community.

Councillor Anita Horvath (Emerald Hill Ward)

  • Maintain strong heritage and planning controls and fight against over development, lack of infrastructure and loss of amenity but allow for growth, which is sustainable and within Council’s Local Planning Schemes.
  • Keep Council’s focus on maintaining the broad range of Council services for Community benefit: including services for the aged and the disabled,  provision of Council funded health care programs (e.g. immunisation) maintaining footpaths, drains, roads and maintaining trees and extending council supported childcare and kinder places. Plus lobby for more State schools.
  • Continue Council’s environmentally sustainable practices, community education and facilitation and look after the municipality’s precious environment. This includes:
    • supporting the construction/renewal of old buildings into Green buildings: eg– low energy use/ becoming energy generators or enabling water harvesting. For example The remodelling of South Melbourne Market, fits within these aims, with it’s new roof (cooler in summer/shelter in winter), roof rain water collection & tank storage, plus proposed solar panels.
    • the development of a sustainable transport and parking policy,
    • extending waste recycling and
    • unlocking Albert Park reserve, from the shackles and damage done to it and community’s recreational and sporting amenity for months, by the 4 day Grand Prix car chase.
  • Champion the redevelopment of the Emerald Hill /Town Hall & Library precinct and its role as cultural hub.
  • Maintain strict control over Council finances; ensure responsible and transparent decision making and good communication between Council, its officers and the community.


Councillor Bernadene Voss (Sandridge Ward)

  • Strong Planning Controls
    • Ensure proper planning in Fishermen’s Bend and Montague precincts
    • Protect Port Melbourne’s services and liveability in the face of major development pressures
    • Support Garden City residents to ensure the Webb Dock development does not have significant population, traffic or pollution impacts
    • Complete the Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework
  • A Healthy, Safe Community
    • Advocate for two new schools in Port & South Melbourne and increased child care and kindergarten places for our growing community
    • Support a new aged care facility and improved home care services for frail and elderly residents
    • Increase the availability of affordable social housing
    • Ensure better street & beach cleaning, drainage, footpath maintenance & street
    • landscaping
  • Value for our Rates
    • Tight Budget discipline and transparency for rate dollars
  • Accessibility
    • New traffic management plan agreed, finalised and implemented. Garden City and the areas surrounding the Port Melbourne primary school are critical

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