Me, Myself and Tea

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By Shannon Grant      


My love affair with tea,

is the only addiction for me,

I can’t pick a favourite flavour,

the taste I like to savour.


Chai is warm and spicy,

and the best part is tea isn’t real pricey.

Chamomile is said to help you sleep,

so much better than counting sheep.


Some teas are said to be good for your body,

though some tea’s may taste shoddy,

there is sure to be one that suits your palate,

there needn’t be a ballot.


If a high caffeine content is what you desire,

black tea is the one you should acquire,

Lemon and ginger is my first to pick,

to help me when I’m sick.


Green tea can come mixed with chai,

It’s quite nice you should give it a try.

Try some fruity flavoured tea,

or add your own fruit, it’s free.

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