Me before You

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Reviewed by Elliot Murphy

A love story of young Lou Clark who wants to see the world, but is trapped by her family and boyfriend. Will Traynor is young, successful and full of life, until he is hit by a bike and becomes paralysed. Now by chance, Will needs a carer, Lou needs a job, and an unlikely friendship begins to form.

Emilia Clarke plays the very happy, giggly, goofy, but very hard working character, known as Lou Clark. Emilia does a wonderful job evolving her character through the movie, as the fun loving girl who just wants to make everyone around herself happy, trying to be a devoted girlfriend, to never having any carer experience and trying to learn some new skills. Emilia Clarke puts so much depth and passion into her character that you can see it while you watch her.

Sam Claflin plays Will Traynor, a young man who loved life but had it taken away by an unforeseeable accident. Now stuck in a wheel chair Sam plays the brooding, miserable guy who has just given up on everything. Sam also changes his characters attitude through the movie, but unfortunately comes to an end. There are many supporting actors and actresses who without their hard work made this movie quite good. Actors like Stephen Peacocke the Carer, Mathew Lewis as the boyfriend, Charles Dance and Janet McTeer as the parents. Jenna Coleman as Katrina “Treena” Clark as the sister of Lou. All did well.

The scenery used in this movie was spectacular with locations of castles, beaches, and many other great places to see. The lighting used for each scene was very good. Music was just perfect for all the big and small moments, and the lightning flash and sound was exceptional.

Every actor put so much hard work in development of these characters with such an amazing outcome. Especially Emilia and Sam, where you could feel the chemistry and between them. 4.5/5 Stars great movie

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