Marijuana Control and Reform Bill 2016

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By Zainab Abou-Eid

A team from Westbourne Grammar fought for the legalisation of marijuana to minimise harm inflicted on society as part of the YMCA Youth Parliament program.

Arguing for their bill, the Westbourne Grammar students said they believed the ratification has the potential to create a positive environment. They were passionate as they released their energy in an intense debate.

“People blindly think the worst; however, if we don’t try something new the drug war will only get worse,” team member Nikita Mohar-Williams said.

The team members took advantage of their debate to enthusiastically share their opinions on what they viewed as the misconception of marijuana.

“There is so much evidence into why the prohibition of marijuana is detrimental to society,” Ms Williams said.

She said she believes in helping vulnerable people addicted to this drug.

Despite heated defences from the sponsoring team, the bill was defeated with 32 participants voting against it.

Nikita Mohar said she extremely enjoyed her time at parliament and loved sharing her arguments in the debate.

Even though the bill wasn’t legislated, the team still believed that cannabis should be legalised as the “bill aims to reduce harm”.

The YMCA program aims to empower young students, and allows them to voice their concerns on issues that surround the Australian society.

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