Man charged in alleged sexual assault in St Kilda

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By Selby Stewart

A 31-year-old man, allegedly wearing no pants, chased two women on Acland St on Saturday.

Police has identified the man as a resident of Caulfield North.

He has been charged with attempt to commit an indictable offence and sexual exposure.

Witnesses saw the pant-less man run after the women near O’Donnell gardens around midday, September 2, 2017.

St Kilda resident Jim Carrol says he heard screaming from the women running down Acland Street before the public stepped in.

“He almost caught up with them and then these guys just jumped on him,” Mr Carol said.

Local resident Jack Johnson was one of the people who helped to restrain the man until police arrived.

“He seemed like he was only trying to grab one of them,” Mr Johnson said.

The alleged offender has been granted bail and will appear before a Melbourne Magistrates’ court for a committal hearing in late October.

Police say the women did not suffer any physical injuries.  Thanks to staff from the Vineyard who saw the suspect run by and ran out onto the street to hold the offender until Police arrived.



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