Make better choices with the Sustainable Seafood Guide

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The Australian Marine Conservation Society has released a comprehensive guide to choosing sustainable seafood.

The Guide features a simple traffic light system: green-listed species are a ‘Better Choice’, amber species are ‘Eat Less’ and red-listed seafood is ‘Say No’.

AMCS Fisheries Campaigner Tooni Mahto said Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide gives Australian seafood consumers the power to keep plenty of fish in the sea.

“Our seafood choices directly affect the health of our oceans.

“By making better choices now, we can continue to enjoy our favourite fish in the future. The sustainable seafood revolution is well underway in Australia. Australians are doing a good job, with six of our top 11 species a good choice, or okay to eat occasionally,” Ms Mahto said.

Five out of the top 11 fish still come with a hefty environmental cost on our oceans.

AMCS has assessed the full impact of seafood production on oceans, with the Guide offering extensive information for consumers on how our seafood is farmed or fished.

The Guide looks at the impact fishing methods have on marine habitats and on threatened marine life like turtles and dolphins. “Although fisheries management is arguably better in Australia than in many other countries, around 75% of our seafood is imported. Our seafood choices have consequences that extend far beyond our own shores,” Ms Mahto said.

Check out the Guide online at or download the app from iTunes or Google play.

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