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By: Athene Thompson

Forest stream carrying dreams
Of the fairies quite unseen

Rain replenishes stream to flow
Home for fairies young and old

I drink these waters and I see
The tiny fae watching me

Now I sense the rocks and stones
Can lead me to the fairies’ home

These mineral portals transport me
As I touch them in the sparkling stream

The Kingdom of the Fae I see
Bustling with activity

They seem now not to notice me
As I fade into obscurity

I watch them as they weave their spells
Gathering water from the wells

Collecting dew from evergreens
Mixing seeds with herbs and dreams

And in their tiny hands they hold
A spell to heal a tired soul

Through mineral portals this spell flows
Into the silver stream below

When from this stream I drink my fill
The spell is freed and I feel well

Droplets of this liquid food
Heal my spirit as it should

Sunshine waters soothe my mind
Cleanse my thoughts so they be kind

With every droplet in the stream
Is a spell that holds a fairy’s dream

What is it that they dream for me?
To tell you everything I see

What is it that they dream for you?

Be true in everything you do

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