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‘Lukey Luke’ FollacchioProfessional Stunt Rider and local SKN ambassador.

Q1)  How does living / working in St Kilda inspire you?
The beach, the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to take a break and feel like I’m on holidays helps me to stay focused and driven to achieve my goals.

Q2) What is your favourite thing to do in St Kilda?
It’s definitely a tie between hanging at the Vineyard and going for a pedal along beach road. Quite a contrast, I know.



Q3)  What change would you make to St Kilda if you could?
Well I certainly wouldn’t stop throwing a rad festival every year!

Q4) What are you currently working on?
Aside from all my new tricks I have recently teamed up with Walkinshaw performance as their new brand ambassador and we have some very exciting things on the horizon. Also working hard on my St Kilda festival performance for early next year, we have a bunch of fun stuff and great activations for everyone.

Q5)  Can you tell us something interesting we don’t know about you?
I like cheese, a lot!  And for fitness I play squash, which is the only sport since I was about 10 that I’ve been interested in outside of riding.

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