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By: Food Dude & Miss Nibbles

Lost Tapas

When we attended Lost’s opening party at the happening end of Barkly St on Thursday the 6th of September; we were certainly lost in the crowd which raged from 7pm until we reluctantly retreated at 1am, early Friday morning. An extaordinary night of fabulous food, colourful cocktails and delightful company!

We were warmly welcomed by two of the partners: Fred Boccari and Shaun Trenthen, and then introduced to the engaging Irish bar manager, Dave Phalan, who created some of his mixologist majic for us behind the bar with some extraordinary Cocktails! Lost was already buzzing with suits, hipsters, locals, couples and the twenty-something, all perched on our comfortable ottomans, studying the carefully considered menu and sipping those lethal cocktails.

We can already see that Lost is going to be the place in St Kilda to catch up with friends, have a romantic dinner date, or the kick-off point for a big night in St Kilda town. The unique Cocktail and Tapas combinations will be a great patron pleaser.

Of course here was an extensive local and imported beer, spirits, liquer and wine list, so it would have been a crime to come here and not try at least one cocktail. There were many weird and wonderful concocktions, each available with that optional paired tapas dish.

The Vanhjito, like it’s predecessor of inspiration the Mojito, was tall and refreshing. Made with infused vodka, fresh vanilla pods, preserved lemon, homemade syrups, crushed ice and garnished with saffron. It was a zesty delight, and the saffron-dusted ice is gorgeous (it almost looks like salmon roe).

Diehard James Bond fans should opt for the London-based Vesper with fresh Sage. This classic drink is made with wetted ice, Lillet Vermouth, premium vodka, and is stirred not shaken with Sage. The Vesper is Ian Fleming’s drink of choice for Bond, unlike the famed ‘martini, shaken not stirred’ which was a Hollywood addition.

Lost Tapas food

Sweet tooths should opt for the Rose and Lychee Martini, a mouth watering concoction of muddled rose petals, lychees, shaken infused spirits, Persian rose water, orange blossom water, almond syrup and sparkling wine. When paired with the chilli chocolate mousse it is a dessert sensation!

We sunk our teeth into the tapas menu which is laden with choices to line the stomachs of those who care to indulge in a cocktail or four.

Separated into ‘Veduras’ (greens), ‘Pescado’ (seafood) and ‘Carne’ (meat), the menu features dishes that are authentically Spanish and spicy.

The friendly and helpful staff guided us through the menu, kindly offering direction and pairing advice when required. We opted for one dish from each section.

The ‘Chorizo Sausage,’ a hot pot of baked chorizo with chilli, oil, and fried potato side was a fiery dish. The sausage was thick and cooked perfectly, the chilli was hot, but not burning or overpowering.

We also tried the ‘Ensalada Basilico,’ a great accompaniment to the chorizo, calming the palate with sliced tomato, dressed with basil, truffle oil and Parmesan. The truffle oil is muted leaving the mouth free from any oily residue or coating.

For the pescetarians; try the Grilled Swordfish Bites, presented on a smear of lime and chilli dip, the bites are tender and full of moisture. A little seasoning would really make these bites pop. Priced between $6 and $14.50 a plate, it’s worth getting a few dishes to really sample the range of flavours.

Head Chef Simon Joseph

Famous Chef and renowned mixologist, Simon Joseph, just returned from a celebrated career in London and has been engaged to introduce a new refreshing approach to Tapas contemporary cuisine paired with a very adventurous selection of cocktails! He has created an elegant and exciting menu beyond the Tapas influence too, and if you enjoy fine casual dining this is well worth investigating.

Solo diners, or those who don’t like to share, are also catered for with an impressive selection of main plates, typically developed from the tapas menu. Stuffed Roman Squid, Lime Sea Salted Marinated Fillet Beef Steak, Lime Grilled Swordfish, and Serrano Wrapped Chicken Breast, to mention a few exceptional dishes.

From the tapas menu to the molecular gastronomy-inspired cocktail tapas pairings, Lost where they’re going and what they’re doing. Lost is most likely to be a mainstay of dining and good company in St Kilda.



Lost Tapas Bar & Cafe

211 Barkly St, St Kilda

Open 7 days;

Monday – Friday: 3pm to 1am

Saturday: 12pm to 1am

Sunday: 12pm to 11:30pm

For reservations call: (03) 95939463

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