Loose Change Lunch… Feast a Fortune, Pay a Pittance!

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The regular instalment in ourSt Kilda Bites food review feature continues, where our poignant food critic, Ravenous Renee, continues her relentless search for great value, high quality local lunch dining.

Here is yet another lunch venue in the St Kilda area worth bringing to your attention!

Sauced Pasta Bar is a great source of authentic Italian Pasta!

Looking for some ‘happy food’ to quieten your tummy rumbling? Sauced Pasta Bar has you covered. For more than just great food and service, managing director and founder, Ben Thompson, has included fabulous prices too. Lunch (or dinner) here is a steal; with all entree dishes $10 and under, mains $15 and under; and sides, salads and desserts, $8 or less.

Focusing on what they know best; pasta at its finest, and only sourcing ‘the freshest local and Italian produce’, pasta here is made-up and eaten fresh. And boy, can you tell the difference! The flavours speak for themselves, the food is delicious!

The philosophy at Sauced Pasta Bar is simple: ‘Fresh food, cooked well and served quickly… how it should be’ – Jordan Hajek, Head Chef.

Being lucky enough to sample four of Jordan’s esteemed dishes, as picked straight from the menu; I tried two ‘classic ones’ and two ‘fancy ones’. From the classic dishes, I tried the traditional bolognaise made with spaghetti, and the Pesto fettuccini. From the fancy dishes, I tried The 4 P’s made with shell pasta, and the Spicy Lentil Bolognaise (deemed a ‘super healthy,’ vegan, vegetarian and gluten free option) with shaved zucchini.

The traditional bolognaise showcased meaty goodness in fresh flavours of real tomato and basil sugo, with thin bouncy fresh strands of spaghetti, which grappled the sauce well. The Pesto pasta dish was rich, indulgent and delightfully pungent, with the real taste of basil and pine nuts’ shining through – on top of what was perfectly cooked, tender fettuccini.

The 4 P’s made with small pasta shells, resembled that of a creamy childhood favourite, macaroni, but was ‘jazzed-up’ into a more sophisticated adult version – made up of pumpkin and smooth Persian fetta. The Spicy Lentil Bolognaise was made with shaved zucchini (in replacement of pasta) and was unlike any dish I had encountered before. Light, yet satisfying; long thin slivers of blanched zucchini, soaked up warm, copious amounts of brown lentils akin to dahl.

And if this wasn’t enough, I also got to sample their authentic crusty sourdough bread, twice-cooked golden-crispy chips, exquisite arancini balls (made with peas, parmesan and napoli), and their unforgettable, sweetly-glorified- balsamic dressed, rocket and parmesan salad.

An exemplary foodie experience on all accounts, at Sauced Pasta Bar, you’re rewarded with more than you may initially bargain for. As Ben Thompson points out, this is where you come for ‘delicious, healthy and nutritionally balanced meals,’ rightly said, Ben.


Sauced Pasta Bar

148 Chapel Street, Windsor

Thurs – Sat 12pm-10.30pm, Sun – Wed 12pm-9.30pm

Ph: 1300 SAUCED


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