Loose Change Lunch… Feast a fortune, Pay a Pittance!

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The regular installment in our St Kilda Bites food review feature continues, where our poignant food critics, Oakley Hunter & the Peckish Pom, continue their relentless search for great value, high quality local lunch dining. Here are 2 more in the St Kilda area worth mentioning! They enjoyed their new experiences in the busy eating hub of St Kilda, Acland St, and the emerging dining strip of Carlisle St, Balaclava.



125  Acland st, St Kilda                                                                                                                                           Ph: (03) 95343499

Schnitz has a few stores in the area that I live in, but don’t let the word franchise pop into your head, Schnitz has all the warmth and friendliness of a one-of-a-kind restaurant. Luckily, it’s cheap for those of us trying to save to get up to the mountains for the snow season too. They offer wraps, rolls, salads, chips, kids meals and of course, schnitzels and parmigianas. Their napkin confidently tells you to “admit it, it was the best parmigiana you’ve ever had,” so I went for a Classic Parmigiana with their award winning chips for only $10.50. A decent sized schnitzel with premium Napoli sauce and melted cheese, topped with garnish and a side of chips was placed in front of me with a big smile from the waiter. I loved that it was well presented and the toppings reached the very edges of the tender house-made schnitzel that had been pan fried to perfection. Their napkin’s claim wasn’t far off, it could well be one of the best parmigianas I’ve ever had – their chips are addictive too, so be careful!
Wall Two 80

Rear 280 Carlisle St, Balaclava

Ph: (03) 95938280

Sometimes when I’m pottering around St Kilda, spending too much money in Typo and drinking too much wine, I have something to eat that’s so good that I can’t resist writing about it. So last week, after spending an undisclosed sum on two unnecessary notebooks and an extortionately priced pen, my English hankering for soup took me to Wall Two 80, which I’d previously reviewed for coffee. Remembering they had soup on their specials board, I jumped on the 16 and hot-footed it to their Carlisle Street location. I ordered the soup before checking the flavour, so great was my need. It turned out to be pumpkin with paprika and yoghurt, and thanking the powers that be, settled down with my book.

The soup was $12, a little too much for my stingy Yorkshire sensibilities, but I’d just been paid and was starving. When it arrived, I saw why it was so much… It was huge. I could have quite comfortably bathed in it. Crowing with glee, I broke into the Turkish bread on the side and dunked it in. The soup was so beautifully thick it clung to my bread in heavenly globs, and the sweetness of the yoghurt complimented the pumpkin perfectly. Shocks of paprika spiced up the gentle, warming broth, and soon called for extra bread. I made a good effort, but I had to leave about a quarter of it, which upset me to no end. Inspired, and for the first time thankful that my addiction to stationary had come in useful, I jotted down notes and considered when the next issue of SKN was due out.

The soup was great, one of the few meals I’d had in this Australian winter that had soothed my soul. It was sweet and homely, and the thickness rendered my unhealthy fondness for bread unnecessary. I went straight home and told my housemate all about it. With a great selection of sandwiches and other warming meals, Wall Two 80 stands up as a place for great food to complement its excellent coffee.


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