Loose Change Lunch at Soho

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By Ravenous Renee

On a hot Melbourne day, when the heat is affecting your decision making process about whether you’re more thirsty than hungry, or the other way around; what better way to solve your discerning inner turmoil than to do what the Vietnamese do and order a big bowl of pho.

image of Soho vietnamese bunNow for those of you that are catching up on Melbourne’s latest trend – pho, a Vietnamese style of soup; consisting of broth, long stringy rice noodles, typically chicken or other meat and a few herbs (fresh basil being a favourite garnish); is where it’s all at, especially at Soho Sushi on Carlisle Street, Balaclava.

Pho is the new burger on the block, only healthier and served in a bowl – so to speak. And as ‘hot’ as pho has always been as the ‘go-to food’ in Vietnam, from where it originates, as a staple street food, so too is pho just as popular right now in the neighbourhood streets of Melbourne. And for good reason – Pho packs a whole lot of hearty, wholesome punch and for only a measly couple of dollars (okay, so maybe that’s what you’d pay for pho in Vietnam, but still, it won’t cost you much).

So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about Soho Sushi being not far from me (basically opposite Balaclava station); serving up more than just California rolls and some gyoza (Japanese style dumplings), but some healthy, protein rich, nourishing soul-food like Pho, amongst other traditional Vietnamese goodies. I was ecstatic. This place had been given a good wrap by my work colleagues for a while and I was intrigued to finally suss it out for myself.

Bringing a friend along, I ordered the Chicken Pho ($9.50) and my mate ordered the Vietnamese Bun, also $9.50 (lemongrass pork with miniature spring rolls served in a bowl over vermicelli and Asian salad, with a side of fish sauce) and both were exquisite. My Chicken Pho came with an invigorating and flavoursome, full-bodied broth (well-prepared stock marks a good pho in my books) and further to add, there was no shortage of noodles, poached chicken and adorning colour-rich garnishes, which ticked all the boxes for me. My friends pick was also a popular choice; and tasty all the same – but if you’re after the ‘slurp factor’, I recommend you go with the pho. At Soho Sushi, it’s possibly some of the best pho going around.

Soho Sushi

276 Carlisle Street, Balaclava

Open 7 days, 10.30am-4.30pm

PH: (03) 8598 9280

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