Loose Change Lunch

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Crazy Does It

Quick! Before you miss it! Goneburger is here, and then it’s gone. You’ve got to be snappy. And no, I’m actually not kidding, this pop-up burger sensation moves in like a sharp toothed tiger, taking over the Hub Café at Rydges Hotel on Fitzroy Street, every afternoon, from 3pm ‘til late. Come before then, and no Goneburger signage is to be seen. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re going crazy, and that you’ve dreamed Goneburger into existence – trust me, you’re not the only one. Even I thought of checking myself into a mental institution after thinking I’d imagined Goneburger was here.

The Masterminds

You see, owner trio; Ben Urdang and husband and wife Andy and Anna Macintosh have mastered the trick of the trade in being quick to ‘pop up’ and fill that lunch-dinner gap, when everywhere else is lagging. Well, that is for now, until they follow suit with their food truck like initially planned, but currently postponed to post-summer, due to Goneburger’s raging pop-up success.

For the moment, Goneburger is the light at the end of the rainbow, for curing the all-encompassing ‘afternoon slump’ of St Kilda patrons. And seriously, who can’t beat a burger for adding a bit of zest and excitement to getting through the final hours of the day? I know I can’t. Call it a ‘late lunch rendezvous,’ if you will. Just keep in mind; although Goneburger just fit into our ‘loose change lunch’ section by the time factor, they also serve up their burger creations for dinner and beyond.

The Food Review

So, deciding it was imperative to see what all this Goneburger fuss was about, I tried ‘the beef and bacon burger’ ($12) served on a brioche bun. I was impressed, actually more so, I was delighted. Think old American diner style burger, with a flavoursome salt and pepper seasoned juicy beef patty (plus a few secret ingredients), then add all the trimmings (minus the fried egg) – smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pickle, and McDonalds yellow cheeseburger cheese. Then to marry all these flavours together in pure harmony, add the smothering of signature GB sauce (think bitey English mustard mayo) alongside a drizzle of homemade BBQ sauce, and you have yourself one very moreish and satisfying burger. And it’s the beef patty that rightfully takes the limelight, like it should.

Evidently, as you can see, the Goneburger trio are all about producing burgers that are of the highest quality; and it’s the fresh, hormone-free, South Melbourne Market Kirkpatrick’s ‘paddock to plate’ meat (80% chuck steak and 20% Short-Rib used in every beef patty, made on the Goneburger premises) that speaks volumes. After all, a good burger is all about the patty. Any real burger buff knows this. Well, at least that’s ‘the go,’ when you’re after a beef burger.

Of course, you can still have a delicious burger that needn’t a patty to warrant its glory; ‘the pork’ ($11) is a prime example of this. Showcasing cured, marinated and tender pork shoulder pieces on a toasty brioche seeded bun, presented with tangy house-made coleslaw, smoky BBQ sauce and fresh herbs, then add crunchy mouthfuls of pork belly crackling, and you’ve found yourself another gastronomic sensation. The ‘G Burger Special’ ($14) is also a hit. True to Goneburger’s name and slogan, you better get in quick because their ‘burgers are so good… they’ll be goneburger!’ Right on!

By Ravenous Renee



Goneburger (truck and pop up restaurant)

35-37 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda West

Open from 3pm till late 7 days a week

Located at the Hub Café, Rydges Hotel


Ph: 0458 928 265

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