Looking for Love? The 6 biggest dating mistakes & what you can do to avoid them:

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By: Camille Thurnherr – Dating expert

Have you been single for a while and wondering why you haven’t met your Mr/Mrs Right?
Don’t despair. You might be making some common dating mistakes and be completely unaware of it.

As a dating coach, I’ve noticed some recurring patterns with my clients and I’d love to share them with you so you too can be ‘lucky in love’!


Mistake number 1: Not leaving the house

Expecting Mr/Mrs Right to come knocking on your front door? You never know, you might start dating your emergency plumber, but it’s unlikely. To meet new people you need to step out and engage with the world. Maybe it’s time to check out some Salsa dance classes or check out a speed dating event. I met my fiancée at my local cafe, so be open to be approached and smile more often. You never know, your Mr/Mrs Right might be just around the corner!


Mistake number 2: Obsessing over George Clooney/Angelina Jolie

Clients often come to me with a huge list of attributes they expect from a partner. Even though it’s important to be clear on your goals, I would encourage you to write a list of qualities you’d like in a partner and what you’d like to experience with him/her. Being attracted to someone is important, but many of my clients find happy relationships with people they never believed to be their ‘type’. So try this: Start to notice the attractive qualities in men and women around you and you might notice that you can be attracted to someone who isn’t your usual ‘type’.


Mistake number 3: Too much too fast

This is a biggie and a mistake I’ve personally made again and again; when people meet someone they’re instantly attracted to the tendency is to fall head-over-heals, often smothering the object of their desires in the process. Instead, take it slow and get to know your potential partner. Enjoy the early stages of dating and allow the chemistry to build gradually.


Mistake number 4: Dating Mr/Mrs Wrong

Tend to fall for Mr/Mrs unavailable? Attracted to ‘bad boys/ice queens’ even when it’s obvious they’re not relationship material? Life’s too short to spend time and energy courting someone who simply isn’t right for you.

My motto: “If it doesn’t flow, let it go”, if you have a ‘friend with benefits’ and you know in your heart-of-hearts it will never amount to anything, now might be the time to let it go and create the space for someone new to come into your life.


Mistake number 5: Hanging on to your luggage

We all have a past. You might be divorced, or maybe you’ve had more than your share of bad experiences, but you don’t need to bring your baggage into your next relationship. Singledom is the perfect opportunity to re-invent yourself.

Talking about your recent break-up on a date is a big no-no. If you’re having a hard time letting go of a recent, or not so recent, break up, seek help so you can truly move on.


Mistake number 6: Lacking self-awareness

We’ve all whined about the apparent lack of ‘quality’ single men and women. In my experience, there are always plenty of great men and women out there, it’s just a matter of being open and positive.

Ask yourself a few quick questions: “Who do you need to be, in order to attract your Mr or Mrs Right?” Take an objective; look at yourself and your life right now, would you want to date you? If the answer is yes, that’s great. If not, what qualities do you need to develop to be the Mr or Mrs Right in your life? Explore your passion and keep on doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.


To get your weekly dating tips, go to www.ignitemrright.com or meet Camille in person and ask her any dating questions at the next St Kilda Single’s event!

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