Looking for Grace

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Reviewed by Jessica Lawson

Looking for Grace is the fifth feature film by multi award winning Australian writer-director Sue Brooks (Japanese Story, Road to Nhill).

Quite literally, this drama is about looking for a girl named Grace.

Set between Perth and the West Australian wheatbelt, the story revolves around a rebellious teenager, Grace (Odessa Young), who robs the family safe to run off and see her favourite rock band, leaving behind a simple note: “Sorry Mum.” Her parents Denise (Radha Mitchell) and Dan (Richard Roxburgh) set off to look for her with the help of a semi-retired detective, Tom (Terry Norris). Grace absconds with her friend Sappho (Kenya Pearson) and on the way, meets a teenage boy named Jamie (Harry Richardson). After Sappho has a change of heart, Grace learns that Jamie’s not the nicest guy and things don’t quite go to plan.

Heading into the desert in search of Grace, we witness the sometimes ordinary, sometimes unpredictable journey, through the perspective of each major character. The film incrementally reveals the personalities and experiences of the characters and their changing relationships to each other. It captures the complexities of family life through both humour and darkness.

Visually the film is distinctly Australian, showcasing beautiful regional West Australian landscapes.

Looking for Grace is profoundly poignant, yet with moments of comedy, and is a reminder not to take life for granted.

It is the only Australian film of the year to be selected In Competition for both Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals, where it had its World and North American Premieres in September last year.

Looking for Grace premiered in Radha Mitchell’s hometown, Melbourne, at the Astor Theatre on 24 November 2015, with the Australian release on 26 January 2016. It is currently showing at Palace Cinemas.

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